The Seat Belt

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    I'd venture to guess it's saved many lives, many people resisted this concept when it was brought to us by Ralph Nader...he's saved millions I have to believe.....I won't go out of my driveway without my seat belt on.

    His new book: The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas For Our American Future sure gives me hope...for the Young Generation anyway....I think it's a very recent book and I looked at it on Amazon and only 1 review so far....

    An FYI....
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    Omg, I am getting old when I think about the seat belts and car seats my children didn't have. Actually, if I remember correctly, the youngest child, our son was the only one who had one. Also they were not anything like the ones they have now. I distinctly remember either holding my first child or putting her in an infant seat which was really no protection at all. At that time I didn't have a license and so I held her when DH was driving.

    Then again we had 3 more girls before the boy. We were surely lucky that none of us had an accident. By the time I had our son I was driving and he was in some kind of a car seat and they had seat belts Ithink.

    Does anyone remember when the car seats and the selt belts came to be???I would guess about early 70's for the car seat.

    Interesting topic !!!!!

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    I do every time I get in my car....never go without it. Talk about a programming, a good programming for sure. Even with passengers, that belt has to be affixed before one drives off...the tickets for not using them are costly.

    Way back when we were kids there was much less traffic on the roads for one thing, today!!!!!!!
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    I think it is very important and so does DH. Thank goodness that little dinger dings in the car till you buckle up.

    Still you see sometimes a bunch of kids or workmen in the back of an open truck . Boy, talk about an accident waiting to happen.

    I agree with you on the amount of traffic, then and now. Now it iw awful almost anywhere. People just are to lazy, man of them to walk or ride bikes anywhere. Of course some places you don't have a choice in taking the car. Some places are way to far and also may not have good roads to ride on, lots of freeways and busy roads though.

    Great invention though - including the car seat.

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    Nader, he's had and has the American's backs...too bad he never made it to HIGHER office, could have saved the country...