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    Well seven years later I have a blessing from SSA; now, finally able to obtain a doctor, and a kind and considerate one at that, when I tell him I have this or that he has begun to look at me like .... who told you that?

    Well, most of us who went through the ordeal of SSDIB/SSI know many a doc told us we had Raynauds, or Sjordens or MVP et al but they, the doc who said such, did not adequately log it in their file. In my case much of the diagnosing by name was omitted but the symptom leaves a trail.

    I was told several years ago I had Sjordens; I mentioned it to my doc prior to delving into this oral surj. He kind of poo-poo'd it; however the oral surgeon noted the lack of active salivary glands immediately and my dentist jumped down my daughters throat (she needed it) that Sjordens can be a horrific condition and orders to the same should be on my person at all times that a traceostomy would be necessary ASAP!

    Many, many examples! FMS and CFIDS is just the tip of the iceberg. After 6 yrs of Pred. I am essentially off 2-1/2 and my autoimmune system is screaming. I hope I make it; the Cushings Syndrome that resulted from my "good" health left me gaining 100lbs the last six months before I put my puffed-up foot down. Decisions to be made. Lil'
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    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are one though lady and a fighter through and through. BTW, say "Hi" to Rose when you see her.

    Love, Mikie
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    ...if you're going off the Prednisone. I'll keep you in my prayers.
    Also, to reiterate what Mikie said, please give Rose my best and tell her that I think of her often and hope she's doing ok.