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    Hi People,

    In previous posts, I have lamented the lack of comprehensive information about CFIDS. I posted a longish list of available treatments copied from a textbook.

    Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video transcription called "NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY AND TREATMENT OF CFS." The one I found is from a 2001 Paul Cheney lecture delivered in 2001 and contains bracketed explanations for medical terms.

    Do a google search for it and you'll find a 57 page document (I prefer the PDF version). It really offers a nice range of information. I myself am checking a number of the leads suggested.

    I know there is a lot of information out there, but I feel that this may be the most authoritative. Until proven otherwise, this is the Bible.


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    I direct your attention to page five of the PDF document which states that the Centers for Disease Control has a working definition of CFIDS.

    Do a search within the aformentioned document for "Fukuda in 1994" and it will take you right there.

    For an insurance agent or, worse, a doctor, to say this condition is purely psychological in nature when there are hundreds of researchers armed with hundred of studies proving otherwise, is the height of irresponsibility.

    Stick it to em.

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    Hi Paul........

    You see the same things I see. I have read the definition for this DD by the CDC, NIH, et al...... never once is it characterized as a disabling psychiatric condition.

    There may be no defintive cause. But it has never been PROVEN to be a psychiatric condition either........

    Where is the authority given to put us in the psychiatric category. It certainly isn't based on fact or studys.....makes me want to puke....dojomo