The Standard Ins. Co. (I WON, I WON),

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jakeg, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. jakeg

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    I just got a call from the corporate HR manager concerning my STD which has been MIA since 07/05 due to denials from the Standard INS Co. They the insurance co kept denying my claim on the basis of insuficent documentation from my doctors. I do see their point for the denials without having adequate documentation from my doctors.

    So I saw another rheumy to get that documentation and also a psychologist to prove that it was not a mental problem. I resubmitted all of the new documentation to the HR manager in the corporate office for my final appeal and wouldn't you know I WON, I WON. I'll be receiving my check next Friday.

    I thought this ins co would not pay it, because of all of the denials that I received from them, thinking this is something they will never approve since by their standards it is a mental thing and not physical.

    This makes me so happy I could just jump for the sky but that would hurt too much while I'm in this flare that started this morning.


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    i have been flaring for hurts just to lay inmy bed the burning nerve pain..i guess my new ad that i thought was working for my pain isn't...

    sorry yu can't jump up and down..but you can mentally...

    congrats next task ssdi?

  3. kjfms

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    How wonderful-it must be a big relief for you.

    Having been on the "paper" side of the medical profession I will not hesitate to tell you that proper documentation by physicians is a gigantic-ongoing problem in the medical industry. So happy you were able to get the proper documentation for your case.

    Hopefully one day physicians will learn how important it is to document everything (if they do not write/dictate-it did not happen)and the large impact it has on patients' lives...sigh ;)

    I am jumping with my mind where it counts...LOL

    Take care of you,


  4. jakeg

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    Yes the next thing is going to be SSDI and LTD from the Standard. I may as well try for the LTD to. The HR person said that they are also picking up the cost of the cobra ins for another year.


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