The Story of Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    AliGrace and Rockgor, hope you two like my story!

    You know, i grew up in Bemidji, and i have an older brother.

    Well one wild night, him and his friend decided to do Babe a BIG favor!!

    You know those great big huge punching ballons they make, kids love them?

    Well they found two big blue ones and Babe the blue OX became Babe the Bull!!!

    I do believe it was right before the park opened for summer tourist! It was a few days he got to remain intact before returning to his Ox gender!! LOL

    Of course you know he stand right on the main drive were everyone can see him as they go bye!
  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Minnesota humor! But then, I'm from Iowa!
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    there's a bit of folk lore I never heard before.

    Where in Iowa, Alaska? I was born in Decorah.
  4. larryh

    larryh New Member

    This was news to me. I am from Iowa too and still live here in Winterset. I wonder how many other Iowans there are lurking out there?

    You can make fun om MN humor and I do admit living that far north makes then a little weird, but you know Iowans would have done the same if they had the opportunity.

  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I grew up in St. Paul, but never heard that one before.

    Maybe the Jolly Green Giant put them up to it...
  6. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    From a little town near Iowa City.....Tipton. Ever heard of it? I used to go to Decorah for Luther Festivals. What a cute little town. I hope it still looks like it did...hate to see it ruined.
  7. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Alaska: Tipton rings a bell, for some reason. We probably had this conversation before and I've spaced it, but I was in film school in Iowa City in '89 and 90. I once shot a short movie in Kelowna, southwest of Iowa City. I also made short documentaries about the Field of Dreams in Dyersville and about Dvorak in Spillville.

    Rock: Did you ever get your copy of Spillville from the library?
  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Glad you are all enjoying my family story with the big blue Ox!
    And getting aquainted,

    Hello, Iowains!! Us Northern MN folk do tend to get abit odd! I think it comes from brain frost!
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No, I never heard of Tipton, but Iowa & Minnesota are full of villages I never heard of. Some of them I only heard of here in Los Angeles at Sons of Norway Meetings.

    Last time I was in Decorah was several years ago for the Nordic fest.

    Bought t shirt, a ring made w/ a gemstone found in Norway, and lots of Norwegian goodies like krumkaka, sandbackles, kranskaka, etc. You know what? I wrote checks and nobody asked for ID.

    Re: Spillville. Spillville is a village not far from Decorah. It was settled by Czechs. Antoin Dvorak spent the summer of 1893 there. Wrote some string quartets and part of the New World Symphony there.

    There is a small museum dedicated to Dvorak and the clocks built by the Biley brothers.

    The book Spillville was a big disappointment. The info on the town and Dvorak is minimal. It is mainly a backdrop for essays by the author.

    There are no photos but there are pages and pages of scribbles by some guy, probably the author's boyfriend.
    I've gotten more history from the back of a postcard.

    I meant to post about that earlier, Ken, but you know how it is when you've got that condition, what is it again...
  10. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Sorry, Morningsonshine!

    I have been to Spillville- went to the place Dvorak stayed and Biley clocks. It was a beautiful summer day, probably in the 70's, and we enjoyed seeing the quaint little town.

    Ken- Iowa City is only 30 miles from where I grew up. Right off of I-80. You probably saw the HUGE sign (just kidding) announcing my town. I used to take piano lessons in Iowa City.....went every week for 6 years. Then majored in music and now I'm a piano teacher.
  11. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    That's okay Alaska! I Hijacked one of Rockgor's post to Callum awhile ago, so we are even now!!LOL

    AliGrace, i love KrumKake, so will be seeing around Christmas next year?!! Smile!

    I have heard of Tipton too, but have no idea why! MN has a ton of very small towns up north, don't blink!!

    I love getting out the map and looking them up when i hear a new one! Some of the names crack me up!


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