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    Ok I think it is only fair to all who have supported me and all who may be giving up hope to tell the tale of my hearing.After waiting 2 years and 1 month..the date had arrived.I arrived without makeup,flats,no jewls,white skirt loose bland top.Looked like hell and felt like it to.Was scared,my nech was killing me and had very little sleep.A nice lady asked me and my attorney to sign off that we reveiwed my file.All looked in order.We went in the Judge asked me what meds I was long Ive been seeing my DR.(primary)who wrote the best letter he could stating I could not do any work at all..and to behonest maybe 1 or 2 more questions I cant recall.Then he stated based on your file and this extensive letter from your DR.I find you totally disablled back to OCT 2000.You will receive a letter from SS stating the same.My heart was pumping ,I wasnt sure if I could beleive my ears.My attorney stood up and we all thanked the judge.When we left the room my attorney smiled and said that is very unusuall to get a ruling on the spot.My husband and I for about 2 hours were in disbeleif.Thank you bring home my son safe from Iraq...I no you are listening.Please keep the faith.I pray for you all.
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    Hi njlady~~I am elated that you got your disability! We need more posts like this for it gives the rest of us the Hope we desperately need. I appreciate your sharing your good fortune with us.

    I join you in your prayer for your son's safe return. And may the Great Spirit bless you with peace of mind and Angelic comfort as you wait. All of us owe your son and the thousands of other military sons & daughters our deepest gratitude for defending our Freedom and the liberation of those countries suffering such duress.

    Bless your son; Bless you; Bless your family, and may God keep all of you in the palm of His Hand.

    Thank you for your post. It brought me new Hope and brightened my day. Best Wishes, Carol...
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    Congratulations and I too wish your son a speedy and quick return home.
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    dear njlady
    Big, Soft Hugs for you
    Now you may be able to let just a bit of the stress go :)
    i do believe GOD does look out for us in more ways than we could imagine

    Also hoping your son arrives home safley, soon.
    The job he and ALL our troops are working toward is such an important, selfless, courageous feat