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    Reading the many of the posts since the last week when the new CFS study was covered by the media, I was struck by something. So many of us have been so "sensitized" to certain words, phrases, that have flowed from insensitive or uninformed health-care providers, friends, loved-ones, etc., that just hearing those words can make us defensive. And it's so understandable. We hear "inability to handle stress," and what we feel is what we felt every time we were told by a doctor that if we just relaxed, we'd feel better. We weren't really sick, we're just anxious. Depressed. Of course, the study itself isn't saying that at all. It's saying that, probably through some genetic damage/rewiring, our BODIES, not our minds, are unable to recover from stress. And this is stress in the all-encompassing definition: Illness, physical stress such as exercise, strenuous activity, lack of sleep, mental stress such as work related stress, emotional stress. But we hear the sound-byte "CFS sufferers unable to handle stress," and it gets our hackles up.

    How do we seperate our feeling side from our thinking side after years of, for want of better words, emotional abuse from the medical community?
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    And I love the work we do. And you're right. It's not going to cure the CFS, but it certainly helps me deal with the day-to-day.
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    What I said in my response to someone who seemed not to like the "inability to handle stress" statement in the first post. I agree that we have become sensitized to certain phrases because they have been used in the past to minimize our illnesses.

    CBT does help. I read about it and realized I had been catastrophizing. As soon as I realized it, I was able to recognize it when it started and just stop doing it. No, it didn't cure me but it surely was another step toward healing.

    Love, Mikie

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