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    Howdy do, y'all! :)

    Iffen anyone wants to talk about the latest episode a Lost, yer right welcome. :)

    I just saw the episode this mornin, n I just got done watchin all five seasons on DVD yesterday. :) So it's purty much fresh in my mind. :) Fer as long as that lasts, leastways. :)

    I don't know iffen anyone else noticed that Jacob can leave the island, but Smokey can't. That makes me figger Jack's Pa ain't Smokey, since Jack sees im in some a the flashforwards. :)

    N does anyone got any ideas about the inside joke Smokey comment?

    I'm a leanin towards the island bein a prison made just fer Smokey, n Jacob bein his jailor. Which has me a wonderin who made the prison n the rules, n who is Smokey? Are we a gonna see Hurley sittin on a beach some day, with Locke sittin beside im, n Hurley sayin something like "I know you want to kill me, dude." like we saw Jacob n the man in black.

    N did anyone else notice the name a the slaver ship was Black Rock?
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    He hands young Sawyer a pen back in 1976, he pays fer a lunchbox Kate was stealin along about 1988 or so, he hands Jack a candy bar at the hospital, he was at Jin n Sun's wedding, he squeezes John's shoulder in 2000, he's there when Sayid's wife Nadia is killed, he shared a cab with Hurley in 2007, n he asked Ilana fer a favor in a Russian hospital.

    N Jack found a bag with a black n a white rock in it when he found Adam n Eve in the cave, in season one. :)
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    I been thinkin on it, n I'm still havin trouble followin all a the time travel business. I'm right glad we got rid a it this season. :) A course, now we got an alternate timeline. I had to have Wendy explain it all to me. I still ain't sure I follow it. :)
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    Thank ya kindly fer the Lostpedia link. :) It's right helpful. :)

    Wendy's a gonna really miss the show when it goes off. She's been a watchin it since she were ten or 11. :)