The sun is helping shoulder and arm pain..somewhat.....

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    I'm fairly new here Ive only posted once before...I dont usually sit in the sun..but ive been sitting out side for an hour each afternoon and it does releive some of the intense pain I've been i started taking the magnesium, calcium and zinc, plus a multivitamin, and another calcium pill..So I think its probably a combination of the sun vitamins and a somehat change in's the hard one for me..but am trying to eat more fruit and veges...

    WHen my Dr. told me I had FM about a month ago he only gave me 10 percocet...He has me on paxil cr 25,ultracet,ambien 5mg., The chiropractor said he's never had a fm patien with so tense of muscles, they are and it even hurts too so I was going to ask him for ___Soma, reg paxil not the cr because if Im not mistaken they have a generic for it now,ultracet theres a generic for that And I'm going to ask him for prn percocet and xanax...Does any one know if these are all generic now? I had to quit my job a month ago and dont have insuranc and everything he gives me is too expensive so hopefully he'll agreee or I'll have to find another dr.thanks..Deb
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    The board seems to moving so fast I thought I'd bump.
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    I can't be of help to you, but I'm sure someone here will be able to soon.

    If you don't get the response you need, you might want to put a special post to Racwhite. She seems to know quite a bit about pharmaceuticals.

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    I find that I am in alot less pain after being in the sun and the warmer weather is much better for me. It the cold and especially cold/damp that makes my symptoms their worse. My pain was extreme this past winter, so I am dreading the end of summer.
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    Yea I do home health for a 15 yr. old cerebal palsy pt. and he goes for a walk each day plus sits in the sun for an hour every day and I noticed that I dont have the bad intense pain I've beeb having in shoulders ansd upper arms It still hurts but not as bad...another stroke pt. goes swimming 3 times a week so tomorrow i get to go with her...So my new job is really helping me lol..thanks and take care..Deb