The Surprising Benefits of Probiotics

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    The Surprising Benefits of Probiotics - What You Didn't Know

    By Karen Lee Richards*

    From encouraging and protecting healthy digestion & elimination to reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system, probiotics play many essential roles in our overall health.

    With the growing interest in healthy living and integrative medicine, the use of beneficial bacteria has become a popular topic. And as research continues to reveal the multiple health benefits of probiotics, many healthcare professionals have begun recommending them for their patients.

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    As we age, the "good" bacteria in our guts decreases. This allows the bad bacteria to take over and make us sick and even cause life-threatening illnesses, including leaky gut symdrome.

    Immunity begins in the gut. It is imperative that our guts be in optimum health for our immune system to perform. I've been ordering my probiotics here for ten years plus. Taking them is just part of my daily routine.

    Love, Mikie

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