The Surprising Benefits of Probiotics

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    The Surprising Benefits of Probiotics - What You Didn't Know

    By Karen Lee Richards*

    From encouraging and protecting healthy digestion & elimination to reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system, probiotics play many essential roles in our overall health.

    With the growing interest in healthy living and integrative medicine, the use of beneficial bacteria has become a popular topic. And as research continues to reveal the multiple health benefits of probiotics, many healthcare professionals have begun recommending them for their patients.

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    More people need to know how crucial probiotics are for good health and immunity.

    Love, Mikie
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    I so agree with you. Probiotics along with "oil of oregano" I swear helped rid me of Lyme bacteria! I herxed a lot. I drank a lot of water along with this process. After researching and talking with other Lyme patients, oil of oregano was a good regimen for me. Haven't walked with the cane lately and I have a lot more energy. Because this oil takes all the good and bad bacteria, probiotics are extremely essential, a must! Along with prayers , the oil and probiotics, life is easier to enjoy.

    Although Lyme damage is permanent for me (nerves etc.), and being diagnosed "chronic", I am better though. Yes, I do have little relapses. Recently I had the flu like feeling, runny nose, weakness, fatigue and I ached. When this happens I use my oil of oregano, however, taken on a continual basis can be dangerous for your immune system. FOR "ME" I started slowly, then up to three months faithfullyand I ingested lots of water.

    We have a lot of bacteria, probiotics are awesome. I have purchased the more expensive bottle with high numbers of "good bacteria".

    A word of humble caution;this was a protocol for me and there are others out there for reducing Lyme bacteria. I chose to experiment and this worked for me.

    Have a good day!
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    PBS has devoted a whole program during begathon week to a health professional who says our immunity begins in the gut and how important probiotics are. Everyone's good bacteria count decreases with age. We need to supplement or we are likely to get sick. If we are already sick, the probiotics will help us. I've taken them for years and I buy them here.

    Love, Mikie
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    For TruckerTroy.

    Love, Mikie