The Tears & Pain Coctail Examination....

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    Hello Everyone~~Because of the narcotic pain management my physician has me on, he likes to cover all the bases to keep the FDA off his case, so he made a consultation referral to my old Orthopedist whom I saw today.

    By nature, I am a caring, compassionate person but for whatever reasons I have never been one to cry easily. I have advanced degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems, FM/CFS, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, severe asthma, pinched nerve & disc problems in neck/shoulder area, and nerve damage in my spine.

    The Ortho had his assistant do the physical examination on me, and he poked, prodded, punched, pulled, and stretched so hard on me, and it hurt so badly, that to my surprise I burst out crying. I just couldn't stand it anymore. And, he kept literally yelling at me to stand up straight so he could probe some more, and I was hurting so bad from his previous assault that I couldn't. I honestly felt like someone was beating the crap outta me.

    Then the Ortho came in, and the ass-istant told him, "She hurts all over--she's got fibromyalgia". Then, the Ortho pulled up my MRI & X-rays and began to tell him what all was wrong with my back, and that it involved alot of pain, and so they would not do the usual physical exam.

    If I could have raised my foot that high--I would have kicked that assistant so hard he would have been looking for his gonads clear into next week!

    The "up" part of this miserable experience is that I actually heard the word "fibromyalgia" by these two guys who only three years ago told me there was no such thing as fibromyalgia, and that it was used as a code for neurotics. Today, they actually spoke of it as a legitimate illness.

    If these two knotheads can change their perspective on FM in three years--then we are definitely making headway out in the world.

    And, thus, his assistant got to keep his fuzzy-buddies.

    Blessings to You All, Carol....

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    Im so sorry you had to endure such brutal behavior from a healing hand. How rewarding to hear an about face on fibro from the learned and not so learned medical professionals.

    Perhaps the next patient will get a little different treatment due to your experience.
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    I am feeling so bad for you and your experience and yet cracking up at your descriptive word power! At least you got to hear them confirm your dx and validate your pain. Are you feeling better? I know you have been really sick lately and have been in the hospital too. Take care and have a restful weekend!
    Blessings to you too, Darla
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    Thank you, you have us all laughing through our pain. As Darla says, you are a HOOT! Fondly, June
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    After I finished the Examination-From-Hell by the the Marquis de Sade of Ortho assistants, my body was swollen, red, inflammed, and hurt as though I had been mugged by a gang of deranged Meth-thugs on a withdrawal rampage. My body felt like battered-pulp; I had a thrashing headache, blurred vision, spasms in my back, neck, legs, and my hands were so swollen from the rheumatoid arthritis that I had to drive the hour home using my wirsts.

    I took a hot soak with epsom salts, peroxide, eucalpytus and lavendar oils and found I had bruises all over my body where he had jabbed me like a punching bag. My mate said I looked like I had spent the day having sado-masochistic sex with Hell's Angels and wanted to punch him out.

    I spent a sleepless, painful night, and today feel the worst of it, and am low on meds as this is the last couple of days before I get my meds refilled. So, I have no means of getting adequate relief at this time.

    Looking back on that torturous experience, I realize now I should have stopped it when he got so rough. I wasn't paying to be beat up, abused, and yelled at. I should not have allowed it to go on as long as it did. I had no right to be "MIS-treated" that way. And sometimes I think we forget that and surrender our better judgement to health providers that aren't "healthy" at all much less professional providers.

    So, don't do what I allowed to happen to me. I was so used to my regular primary physician being so professinal, ethical, kind & gentle that when I encountered a bad provider--I was taken off guard and actually allowed him to abuse my body, hurt, and humiliate me.

    I want to encourage each and every one of you to "remember" what WE are PAYING THEM for appropriate, professional services; that THEY work for US; that THEY are NOT OMNIPOTENT, and WE have the RIGHT to express our displeasure, leave, and refuse to pay a bill for services not rendered much less "abusive" treatment.

    Thus endth the Lesson which I will not forget again. I have already written two letters. One to the ASS-istant's licensing board and one to my primary physician to put in my chart. Even when I asked him to stop--he wouldn't. And when I burst out crying in pain--he didn't care and continued on at length with his brutal and unprofessional "examination" until the Ortho came in. The Orthopedist whom I had actually come to see was not in the room at the time the assistant was examining me, and though the Ortho himself was arrogant and unhelpful, his touch was considerate, gentle, and professional.

    Don't allow this to happen to you. Remember who you are and do not allow yourself to be abused, humiliated, or "MIS-treated" in any way. All of us deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, professionalism, courtesy, humanity, and consideration. I just don't want what happened to me to happen to any of you. Blessings to You All, Carol...
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    Thank you for this poignant reminder of what can happen if we are not vigilant. I know. I've had something similar - though not as bad - happen to me. I'm so sorry about your experience.

    An x-ray technician put me thorough hell when I had a nuclear treadmill test. That's when you have an x-ray done for 20 minutes, take the treadmill test, get a shot of something or other, and have the 20 minute x-ray over again so the doctor can compare the two sessions.

    I was to lay down on my back. The tech told me to hold my hands under my buttocks and not to move. After only a few minutes my hands were killing me, but I was afraid to call for him (he had left the room), because I didn't want to be put through this again if I messed up the x-ray. On top of that, I decided to try to divert my attention from that torture by listening to the radio that was playing. I had not listened to the content, so much to my shock, the idiot had turned the radio to The Howard Stern Show. This was the first time I had ever heard his radio show, but there could be no doubt. I could not believe how some celebrities talked about their sex lives in such intimate detail!

    Here I was, a captive in a public hospital, forced to listen to a disgusting radio show while my hands were being tortured. It was so inappropriate and unprofessional. I went straight to the superintendant of the hospital and complained about what had happened. (After that, I found out I'd have to go back to the tech for more x-rays! The radio had been turned off, but the hand torture continued, even though I had asked him to please try another way, because he assured me there WAS no other way.) Another x-ray technician told me later that there was no need for that.

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