The to do list Oct 12th thru Oct 18th??

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  1. Beadlady

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    Get the dishes caught up

    Get hubby to help me get the cob-webs down from the walls & ceiling

    Go get the dog's new license--his has been expired for several months

    Work on my project of making beaded Christmas ornaments
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    Hi all!
    Thank you Beadlady for getting our post started. The ornaments sound lovely. I like shells too.

    Welcome Julie, it is nice to have you post. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! I like the name Kiera and was thinking of naming my baby that if I had a girl. I would love a job being around kids and not having to discipline them! That is a good option.

    My dh is the den leader for my son's cub scouts. They got to go canoeing and kayaking on Saturday and the trip was a huge success. I'm so proud of my dh;) My ds said he was really scared the whole way and held on tight to the sides of the boat. I told him how proud I was he was so brave.

    Then yesturday dh and Liam went to the zoo. I really wish I could have gone. I knew I couldn't last that long and my knees are bothering me (is it the weather change?). They got to see the new Elephant Odessy. Those poor elephants had had the same inclosure since my dh and I were little kids but now I guess there habitat is awesome!

    I finished our letter to the school to request an IEP to create a behavior plan for my son at school. My dh has an appointment set up with Liam's case manager to observe his sensory break today. Spoke to teacher Friday and she said she is experiencing a lot of defiance from my sweet lil guy in the classroom (that is new from last year). She agreed we need a behavior plan in place. Yay!

    To do:
    print two copies of letter and have dh give them to the school principal and case manager
    epsom salt bath for my knees
    yoga dvd if able
    calculate behavior data in prep for in-home meeting with supervisor of our ABA program

    hugs and love to all!
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    Good Morning all....

    Beadlady, thanks for getting the thread started this week. We recently had to go through the entire house and clean for cobwebs and spiders, yuck. We were seeing spiders that were quite large (we live next to a wild life area) so it was time to do so. Luckily with hubby gone for so long it seemed to work and I haven't seen one in weeks.

    Julie, welcome to the thread! Congratulations on returning to the work force, your job sounds fun. (and your grand daughter and I share a birthday)

    Molly I'm glad your case manager is working with you this year and I hope it helps the year go smoothly.

    For me today, we need Katy's meds in an emergency manner. I know it sounds stupid (but I do the best I can managing everyone's meds here) but I didn't notice that she didn't have refills of one of her meds until last week. (they usually mark the bottle, explain it when you pick them up and put a red sticker on the bottle but none of this was done)

    The clinic was closed on Friday for training and Monday of course for the holiday so after today she is out. We'll leave early and camp out at the clinic hoping to get the prescription put in. She did call repeatedly last week trying to talk to the doctor but we haven't heard back from him.

    Not exactly what I was planning for the day but we'll hopefully get a few errands done while we're there too.

    Hugs all,


  4. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    Wow where is everyone??

    Yesterday I had a good burst of energy and finally moved my new mattress by myself. Much better....I even got a shower and did a few other things as well.

    Today Katy's new bed is being delivered so we have a big day. We need to move the twin out of the small bedroom, move her old bed into it then get ready for the delivery. I'll be so happy when my house stops changing, it's been this way since she moved in it seems...sigh.

    We also need to dig into a closed off closet in her room. Although she got in it a few days ago for me to find my winter scarves, I didn't realize that I'd need my mink blankets for the beds so soon but the low has been in the 20's this week, yuck! (Wish I had known it was going to be so cold when I moved my mattress and re-made my bed yesterday!)

    Ok, this reminds me I should get dressed early, take down my laundry finally and dig through storage for the guest bedding.

    I think I need a team of hot hunky men to help me through this day, or...I just wish my husband would get home soon?

    Hugs all,

  5. sorekitty

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    Good morning,

    My week has been either the high highs or low lows. After the letter was turned into the school I was feeling much better. Liam has been really upset about school and is being very difficult at home. I had to decide to modify his homework. Really insane for him to spend 45-60 minutes on homework Monday-Thursday. I tried it for 2 full weeks. Now he knows what to expect I can hardly get 10 minutes out of him and the writing is unreadable. This is in addition to my providing Occupational therapy sensory breaks to help him before or in-between.

    I have been able to get a lot done this week. I spoke to my In-home provider's supervisor to ask it she can attend Liam's IEP. To my total surprise she not only said yes she told me it may be able to be partially funded for us. I want my provider at the IEP because Liam is very complicated and difficult. She has know him now for over a year and can easily help us create a behavior plan.

    I also spoke to a special ed attorney. If this behavior plan meeting and implementation doesn't go well we will hire this attorney. Then I can let her speak at the meeting and try to save my emotional and physical self!

    Today we start a week and one day of minimum days at his school because of parent-teacher conferences. So this will be hard on me energy wise.

    Nancy-it would be nice if they could automatically have the meds sent to you or ready for you ahead. That seems to take so much of your time! I know it happens to me too and I only have my prescriptions to do (hubby helps me). Yes, please send over the cabana boys once you are done I could use some help here too;)

    phone calls
    rest up
    take Liam to Legoland after school (we got free passes that will expire soon)
    ASD Mom's support group with my friend

  6. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Beadlady, thanks for getting us started this week. Hand-made, beaded, Christmas ornaments are a nice touch. My daughter-in-law is a glass artist and she makes all manner of glass beads and jewelry. She's very gifted and I'm the happy recipient of several of her original designs.

    As far as I know, she's not made anything Christmassy but she could surely make some lovely ornaments, were she so inspired. I think it's wonderful that people handcraft jewelry and, though I've never had the talent or inclination to take on any projects like that myself, I admire those who do.

    Lydia, hi and congratulations on your return to the workforce. It sounds like you're enjoying your job - that in itself can provide a motivation to get up and going even though you might not feel well. I'm usually more apt to push myself forward when something I enjoy is on the agenda:).

    Molly, it seems like DH and Liam have been busy; canoeing and kayaking and a trip to the zoo. It's nice they're having some quality father/son time. I think the changing weather effects one's joints and muscles greatly. Hopefully after the weather settles into the new season, your knees won't bother you so much. That's usually the case with me.

    Nancy, Happy Birthday! It seems you've been busy, re-arranging furniture and digging out your cold weather things. I'm in the process of packing away my summer things and pulling my fall/winter clothes from storage. I've been wearing my winter coat for several weeks already. The cold weather came on so suddenly and severe, it caught me by surprise.

    I've had a quiet & low-key week so far. To begin the week, I had Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Cristina, then on Tuesday my sister and I went back to the new apartment to measure for curtains etc. then out for lunch, then that evening I went to weight-watchers (up 2 lbs). Yesterday and today, I've been reading and relaxing and making lists of things to do for the move. I've been sleeping a lot, watching TV, doing only the minimal housework, for the most part avoiding Dave. I still haven't told my sons about the break-up (not looking forward to those conversations thus the procrastination). I've been staying quiet & staying warm. No to-do list today. Just carry on.

    God bless,

  7. sorekitty

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    Happy Birthday Nancy!!!! I just read that your husband's birthday is coming up soon too and he is out of town!

    Anne Theresa-I'm sorry telling your sons about the break-up is so difficult. I hope it goes well when you are able to do it. Sounds like a nice low key week was in order for you and I'm glad you got it. How was the Thanksgiving dinner and what special foods do Canadians eat on Thanksgiving?

    I wasn't able to go to the Mom's support group last night. I had a severe headache due to the new med I was trying, Nuvigil (I wrote more on the CFS board). After one week I will not take it again due to side effects. My friend couldn't go either because her son has a very bad cough and she had to stay with him.

    I hope to take it easy today. Just some phone calls to make and some grocery shopping.

    In addition to dealing with the school district and my son's behavior this week I have had some very sad feelings and realizations about my mother. We have a very strained relationship. She had been out of contact with me for a month and took me off her e-mail list. So I asked her about it. She lied about it (why lie?) and then I started receiving her group e-mails again (weird). Anyways all this processing of emotions is tough on top of everything else I do. My parents are both alive but neither are able to be parents for me. It is very sad. My hubby is supportive. He knows how sad I am.

  8. alaska3355

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    Happy Belated Birthday, Nancy! I hope it was a spider free day......

    Beadlady and Lydia....nice to see you here. Please drop in with whatever is on your mind. As you can see, we don't always just stick to a "to do " list.

    I am thinking that today would be a GREAT day to clean the windows.....they really need it. I will enlist the help of one of my twins, since the other one is sick. He is better than yesterday, when he had a fever and a bad cough. I don't think it was H1N1, but I kept him home to make sure. And since we are homeschooling, he didn't have to miss many classes! Yay!

    Tomorrow we are going to an apple orchard to pick apples. One of my favorite activities! It is an orchard that is privately owned and we are allowed to pick for free. They are cameos, which are tart-sweet and excellent keepers. I kept some last year clear until March, when they were too soft and got fed to some neighboring goats.

    Anne Theresa- my son enjoyed his first Canadian Thanksgiving. He spent it at the home of his girlfriend's parents.....or should I say, his fiancee? They got engaged about two weeks ago and are planning a summer wedding. They will be as poor as church mice, but they don't care.

    Take care and have a good weekend!
  9. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Hi Molly, Thanks for your understanding, it's much appreciated. Traditional Thanksgiving fare is much the same here as in the USA, that is to say turkey with all the trimmings. I'm vegetarian so I typically break with tradition. This year, my friend Cristina and I enjoyed a lovely dinner of salad and spinach tortellini followed by an incredibly decadent German chocolate cake. We celebrated Thanksgiving on the Sunday (rather than the Monday) and so stores and services were open that day. Thanksgiving dinner at her house was proceeded by a bit of shopping and pedicures - it made for a lovely day.

    I'm sorry the Nuvigal didn't work for you but good for you for trying. Hopefully the next medication you try will have a more beneficial outcome. I cannot begin to tell you how many trials I went through before I found this present cocktail of medications which seem to keep me at my optimal. This is a nasty disease but I believe one's quality of life can be improved greatly through medication, once you hit on the right combination.

    I'm sorry your relationship with your mom is not what you would like it to be. It's sad when your realize an important relationship is not going to live up to your hopes and expectations. It's the shortcomings in our relationships with our parents that spur us on to be better parents to our own children. Each generation attempts to correct the imbalance of the previous generation - perhaps overcompensating here and there - and who knows, perhaps at some point, we'll get it right :) I'm glad your husband is being supportive.

    Terri, I'm sorry one of your little guys is sick and I hope he's up and on his feet again soon. Apple picking is such a fun activity. We used to do this, as a family, when I was a child. With five children it didn't take long to fill a couple of bushel baskets and oh my! my mother's baked apple goods were amazing! Congratulations to your son on his engagement! His sounds like a true love story - a long distance relationship, his moving to Canada to attend school and be near his sweetie, now a marriage where love, rather than money, is the bottom line. I wish him all the best in the world.

    Today, I sorted through the last of my clothes, packed away my warm weather things and made a huge donation bag for the GoodWill. Now I'm going to make some fish for dinner, then spend the evening relaxing. I'm particularly tired and feel like I could sleep for a week.

    God bless,