The trick to Neurontin's dizziness and a Thank You to all

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    For anyone just starting on Neurontin. I read posts on this site a lot, and decided to try using the medicine at night instead of during the day as my doc had prescribed. It made all the difference. I had a few days of dizziness, but taking the med at bedtime was what helped my body get used to it. I started with 300 mgs per day, but for overly sensitive people, it might work for you if you start very slowly with perhaps 100 mgs a day.

    I also want to thank all of you who posted about your experiences with this drug. I have had 2 weeks of 80% less pain thanks to being able to take Neurontin. I would never have gone back to it a second time if it weren't for your posts about taking it at bedtime and getting your system used to it that way. I'm not sure if this will last, but it's been a wonderful two weeks. This is my first time in 6 years that my pain has been minimized. Thank you, everyone, and for this site!

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    Can you please enlighten me? What is neurotin??? I would try anything to get rid of the sleepless nights and pain!!!!!
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    You can search this site for "neurontin", and it will bring up a bunch of posts that have been made. Several of them tell quite a bit about neurontin and the good it has done for people.

    Neurontin also helps some people with sleep. However, for myself, I take Ativan and Flexeril.

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