The Trigger Points Strike Back, Need Advice

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpmwriter, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. bpmwriter

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    hi all,

    when my health ordeal began, i had ropes of taut muscle along my neck and even along my jaw line (which my dentist pointed out to me). a year later and more knowledgeable about this kind of stuff, i recognize them as trigger points and i'm sure they were part of my migraine problem back then. over time, after leaving my job, seeing a chiropractor, visiting an acupuncturist, these trigger points went away. now i've been going to the ffc in atlanta for 3 months and somewhere along the way, the trigger points returned. i had a massage last week and i felt like dirt ever since. i'm sure it has to do with histamine release as a lot of my symptoms mimic my allergy symptoms. then, last night, i worked on my trigger points myself, only for about 10 minutes, and i woke up this morning with a bruiser of a headache. my questions are:

    1) what could cause the return of these trigger points? is it a natural part of the detox and die-off phenomenon (build-up of waste around the muscles)? it really makes me question my continued participation with the ffc. i've been reading devin starlanyl's book on chronic myofascial pain, but still lack an understanding of the direct causative reasons for the trigger points.

    2) should i keep my hands off my trigger points? avoid massage altogether? am i imagining this brutal histamine response? i ordered some quercetin (natural anti-histamine) to help.

    anyone with experience with trigger points, i'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  2. naturebaby

    naturebaby New Member

    Hi eddie,
    I'm plagued with a trigger point in my shoulder blade that has caused excruitiating pain over the years. When it flares up, yeowch!

    I'm no expert on trigger point pain so my suggestions are purely from what's helped me.

    - massage. I continued to go, even when it was painful, and had them slowly work the main knot out. Gentle start, with more deep work on the surrounding areas with knots (which all stemmed from the main trigger point)

    - after massage, straight into a hot epsom salts bath to detox. My mass. therapist recommended this as she says the massage releases toxins which need to come out. Now I add the hydrogen peroxide too, as recommended by our moderator Shirl, for the benefit of relieving all-over aches and pains.

    - alternate heat and cold on the trigger point site. This was recommended to me by my physiotherapist.

    - anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. These were absolutely necessary for me! If you don't have prescriptions, Aleve and Robaxacet might help.

    - rest and gentle exercise. My physio guy gave me simple arm exercises to get that shoulder blade area moving safely. I avoided lifting anything with my left arm.

    Hope you get some relief soon! Wishing you well, nature
  3. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    thanks for the advice! do you alternate rapidly between the hot and cold (10-15 minutes each), or just mix it up and use one sometimes, and the other at other times?

  4. tejanya

    tejanya New Member

    when you were stressed and the tp started, sis you wait a

    bit? like the rest of us. but you were not told about the

    headache that comes after a good relief massage. it will

    happen because your system has de-stressed and is working

    on the rest of your brain. get another mild massage the

    next day. make sure your msgr knows about the tenderness

    that goes with fibro. find the tender and trigger points in

    devin's book that relate to your pain. remember the meaning

    of reference pain. are you highliting any parts? i do and

    when i go into a flair i can look it up and be more at ease

    about this fibro. ask your msgr about pressure on those

    trigger points to relieve this stress of it. if they look

    at you dumbfounded, find another one. it has helped me a

    lot to go on through whatever the day brings. the cause of

    the points could be as simple as having to do a chore you

    do not want to do then, due to ache or just t ired and need

    a break. i take the break.
  5. ibisgirldc

    ibisgirldc New Member

    Something like a theracane or just two tennis balls taped together could be helpful. I am no doc... just someone who's spent alot of time in PT and with pain docs, treating trigger points, etc for an injury. And as they'll tell you, massage is good for tirgger points - unles syou press in too hard and for too long. Instead of making the muscle contract and relax, you make it contract and protect. When that happens, you're making it worse, not better. You're making the muscles shorter and tighter and not longer and flexible. I can't address the histamine, but as my currrent PT tells me often, "go easy on the theracane." That's a tool that I use to get into spots on my neck, back, & shoulders... and she reminds me often that as much as it hurts, if i press too hard, it will actually make it worse in the long run.

    Maybe you don't have to skip massages or TP therapies... just perhaps you need to go lighter. Don't do deep-tissue massages. get a PT therapeutic one or remind the masseuse of your ailments and be certain that you don't leave feeling bruised. Just a guess...

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