"The Truth About Cancer : A Global Quest" Online Docu-series Starts October 13! Don't Miss It!

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    Some months ago I watched the 11 part online docu-series called "The Truth About Cancer: The Quest for the Cures Continues" hosted by Ty Bollinger.

    It was unbelievably jam packed with helpful information about healing cancer and preventing cancer from an alternative standpoint.

    I learned so much and took many notes.

    Now there is a 9 part sequel which starts October 13.

    Each episode will include different information so don't miss this!

    You will be amazed!!

    You can sign up in this link. Then each day during the docu-series, you will receive an email with a link to watch that day.

    You never know when you may need this information.

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    Remember that this docu-series starts October 13!

    Even if you can't watch every episode, it is worth it to sign up and watch whatever you can.

    It is going to be incredible!! It's a good idea to take notes because there will be so much helpful information.
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    I have not been getting a daily link in my email.

    Instead, I am finding the daily link on The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest facebook page.

    For some reason, the host, Ty Bollinger, and his wife, Charlene, cannot access facebook tonight. Their computer and phone screens are just white.