The Truth About Cancer Docu-series Free Online Starting April 12 2016 - Don't Miss This!

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    Hi everyone,

    "The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest" hosted by Ty Bollinger is the best documentary that I have ever watched.

    This docu-series is being replayed online for free starting April 12 2016.

    We never know when we may need this information for ourselves or someone we know. It seems that cancer is an epidemic.

    Each of the 9 parts of the docu-series is packed with amazing information that conventional medicine will not tell you. When this docu-series played last year I took many pages of notes.

    There is so much information presented about what causes cancer, how to prevent cancer, non-toxic cancer treatments, inspirational survivor stories, brilliant and compassionate practitioners who use non-toxic treatments and so much more.

    Each of the 9 parts should be available for viewing online for 24 hours.

    I encourage everyone to watch as much as you can of this amazing series. I was totally astounded by everything that I learned from it.

    It's easy to sign up just by submitting your email address in the link.

    I hope you are able to watch. I think you will be glad that you did.
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    This amazing docu-series starts tomorrow, April 12.

    Each day for 9 days, one episode will be available for viewing free online.

    I encourage everyone to sign up and watch. You will receive an email link each morning to that day's episode.

    This information from all over the world could save your life. Don't miss it!