The Truth About Cancer:The Quest For The Cures" Will Replay Free Fri Aug 21- Sun Aug 23 !

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    I got this email:

    "It’s been a little while since we aired The Quest for The
    Cures... Continues and since we always get a lot of requests
    to show it again, we’re happy to announce a 72 hour replay
    weekend starting this Friday.

    From Friday August 21st through Sunday August 23rd, you’ll
    be able to watch every episode of TQTCC (as well as the
    Q&A) absolutely free. :)

    You won’t have to share any personal information or register
    in any way to participate.

    Simply click the link in the email Friday morning and select
    the episode you want to watch.

    That’s it.

    So, keep an eye out for an email from me early Friday morning.

    Talk to you then,

    Ty Bollinger"

    If you don't already get email updates/newsletters from The Truth About Cancer, sign up for them and you will automatically get the email link on Friday. There is a place near the bottom of the page in this link to sign up.

    I watched all the episodes when they aired several months ago and it was soooo worth it, so I really urge you not to miss this FREE replay.

    There was a tremendous amount of great information about natural cancer cures, success stories, and so many interviews with practitioners who are using these treatments.

    Don't miss this free replay!!
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    The information seems to be intersting

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