The Truth About Fibromyalgia

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    In a recent book, The Truth About Fibromyalgia, it is noted that fibro is a neurologic disorder in which the pain volume is turned too high. In addition, sympathetic nervous activity is also improperly regulated, leading to increased muscle tone. This can lead to rapid fatiguability, additional pain and some degree of incoordination/weakness with repetitive muscle use. The reason? Disrupted deep sleep prevents the limbic system from properly recharging, thereby preventing appropriate pain and sympatheic inhibition...a must read for proper understanding of what is becoming a less mysterious disorder. Libido, another limbic function, is also often impaired.
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    There is a great Fibro Board here and I strongly suggest you place it there. There are very good people there with lots of info and I'm sure they would be interested in this info.
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    I am going to look at this book. Who wrote it? Thanks gap
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    My PCP provider has given me that exact info. Sleep is very important...