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    Interested in finding out the inside scoop on Dr. Paul Whitcomb and his treatment? Whitcomb is a chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe, CA who claims that he is successfully treating fibromyalgia. Patients spend on average 10 weeks and $10,000 at his clinic. Many get dramatically better and leave testimonials on his website But the majority of his patients relapse once they return home. I have started a blog to expose the truth about Whitcomb and to share helpful information about treatments that are really helpful. To learn more go to:
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    Hi- I was in your group of patients back in July 2007. I filed a complaint against Doc W. and just got a call from the investigator today.I have to send him all my receipts. i know you did not get well either. Im sorry. I know of only one who did and that person was Linda Penczick from Temple, TX. Do you think we will see any of our money back? I haven't asked for any money back. but I sure would like to! Linda is still seeing a Chiro. I know that much. Rachelsvine
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    PAUL WHITCOMB - currently he has been doing business with other Chiropractors. His websites are:
    I am not sure if is actually helping people and Chiropractors or he has his own agenda..., maybe to grow his business, become famous, make money, or something else. Anyone please reply, I really don't want people, human lives in danger.
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    I just saw this thread. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you and really upset that he has done this to hurt the reputation of so many good chiropractors who already fight the people who think they're quacks. Chiropractic can't cure fibro but it can be an aid in helping to control it. As massage can be, water therapy and many other holistic approaches. I will be following your thread so I hope you keep it updated. I have a friend who is a chiropractor that specializes in neurology and I have seen him help with some amazing things. But he doesn't send them out cured, it's maintenance, diet, supplements, attitude and many other things that go into maintaining at an acceptable level. Finding a good chiropractor is tough. I worked for 6 chiro's and there was a difference between them and that 6 doesn't not include the specialist. Good luck to you both.