THE UPDATE on my 13 y/o daughter

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    please read the posts below for the early details.

    as of now, my daughter had an MRI to determine the cause of chronic migraine headaches (2 years now) and facial weakness - droopy smile and eyelid (progressivly worse, for 4 years).

    per the neurologist, the MRI was clear and ruled out brain tumor, brain damage, etc. it did NOT tell us why she has migraines.

    it did show she has a partial facial nerve, causing the smile weakness. he said 'Bells Palsy' as the working diagnosis. no treatment, cause unknown.

    now, here is where her history gets interesting. she had a bulls-eye rash and was ill (most severe migraine, cold/flu symptoms) in early May.....years after she has had the other symptoms from above. she was on 6 weeks of anti-biotics. her elisa test came up negative (of course).

    the neurologist just signed off on her getting Igenex testing.

    not sure what to be thinking at this point. since the rash in May, i have been concerned about lyme disease, but does anyone think her symptoms (migraines/facial paralysis) are from Lyme having already been present in her body? years?

    i have FMS and CFS Dx since 2002. (i had mono 6 weeks post-partum with her and had a son 2.5 years later - 3 years later had mild FMS symptoms, flared bigtime in 2002 and had my 3rd baby in 2005.)

    I haven't been tested for Lyme. is this something i could have given her via birth? i have 3 children.....2 before my Dx and 1 since.

    any and all thoughts welcome. please. lisa.


    *** if you want, you can read thru this thread to find out the details. it comes down to hope, i guess.

    my 13 y/o daughter is on 20 days of antibiotics (will be followed by a second 20 days) following a 'bullseye' looking bite/rash on her foot.

    i don't think the dr thinks it was a tick bite or was a bullseye, but she is willing to treat w/meds.

    so - - do i just cross my fingers, say my prayers and hope for the best, knowing deep in my gut that she could become ill down the road one day......?????

    so difficult.

    thanks, lisa

    Hi Lyme board: i have written previously (on the FM/CFIDS board) and need some further support, please.

    to review, here are my 2 previous posts, before and after i took my 13 yo daughter to the dr.

    My teenage daughter Urgent Q: 05/06/08 01:45 PM


    i am taking my 13 yo daughter to the doctor in two hours.

    about a week ago she got bit by a mosquito (she thinks) and the bite was a small red dot to begin with and now, 10 days later is a quarter size red circle, with a dark bruising circle in the center.

    it looks like it could be a bullseye circle, minus the white inner circle - but i know the rash can vary.

    she will see her regular MD today and need to know -

    what Qs do i ask?

    do i request testing for Lyme?

    is that what this could be?

    should she go ahead and get on antibiotics?

    she has no other Sx, other than her typical migraines, which she has seen the dr for before.

    i am worried - and just want to be sure i don't miss anything.

    thx, lisa

    dr said 05/07/08 11:32 AM

    well, the dr said it looked like started to feel a little dismissive, but then she offered to take a sample of the skin cells and have it tested for ringworm. meanwhile, she's on anti-fungal for it. takes 2-3 weeks for results.

    it does look like it has a bite in the middle though.

    i meant to take another pict (first one didn't turn out), but i forgot to and she left this morning for a 3day school trip. it'll probably be gone when she comes home - whether it was ringworm or bullseye.

    Hmmm.....thanks for info.


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    here is the history of the past 2 weeks since the 'bite' appeared.

    DAY 1- bite appeared on top of foot. a small, raised, red dot.

    DAY 9- bite is stll there, with a reddened area surrounding it.

    DAY 10- area more red - enlarging reddened area, bite still present as small raised bump in center. bump in center, then surrounding the bump is a dark red, bruised-looking filled-in circle, then outside of that circle is another circle, red.

    DAY 11- went to DR. told us it was ringworm and took scrapings of it to be tested. Does not have the typical ringworm scaley appearance. recommended topical anti-fungal. She applied it once this day.

    DAY 12- the circle was still enlarging and now, does have the white ring appearing too. so, bite in center - dark filled-in circle - white circle - red circle - QUARTER SIZE.

    DAY 13- Red area starting to fade. Daughter left on school trip (3-days) and came down with a MIGRAINE, vomiting for hours. i drove 5 hrs there and back to pick her up from trip....she was very ill. (last major migraine in december)

    **has a history of minor migraines, this one by far the worst one yet**

    DAY 14 - recovering from migraine, achey and sore....but restful.

    DAY 15- came down with head cold symptoms....

    this is day 16 and she seems very tired (but she's a teenageer and seems draggy at times anyway...)

    okay - i know this is a lot to digest.

    if you were able to read through, please - any advice or suggestion you can offer would be very helpful.

    thank you, lisa

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    Has she handled an animal with ringworm??? It's not like the ringworm just jumps on you, you have to rub against it. Ringworm would continue to spread if it is not treated with cream.

    I'm sorry, but several others here got the "ringworm" Dx at one time or another. If you go to Lymenet there are pics of the different rash looks (it's not always EXACTLY the same). Babesia looks like stretch marks!!!!!

    Go with your gut. Mom's have that "intuition" for a reason.

    My best,
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    thank you bunnyfluff.

    yes, my mother's intuition is ringing loud and clear.

    i have pored over the online picts and it does NOT look like ringworm and did resemble the bullseye rash. (it's totally faded now and no, i didn't take a photo - but i tried, just didn't turn out)




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    Get the book "Healing Lyme" by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Available on Amazon. I will bump up a thread that I posted awhile back with info on what to do if new tick bite.

    A doc said my 1974 EM rash was ringworm. I had 3 small bullseye rashes like the ones found on Michigan LDA website. This was after a trip to Michigan and one to NY state.

    Ask a doctor for Doxycycline. The typical dose for ADULTS is 200 mg 2X a day or a total of 400 mg. There are many brochures on ILADS website that you can print and take to your doctor.

    My initial symptoms in 2001 were EM rash, dehydration, frequent urination, high fever of 101-104, headache, vomiting, neuro issues like walking into walls, falling down, not being oriented to person place or time, mental status changes, personality change, acute kidney and liver failure, hallucinations, etc.

    This all happened with my 3rd tick bite. The first one was in 1969. The second in 1974 and the 3rd in 2001. I don't want to scare you but click on my profile. You don't want another me! Trust me on this.

    I would risk being called an over protective mother who is worse than a rabid dog with a bone before letting my child or grandchild suffer from a treatable illness.

    If your daughter has any more symptoms even if it's just another severe migraine try finding a LLMD. The best chance of cutting this off at the pass is IV Abx before the bacteria spreads.
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    My Daughter,now, 31, was diagnosed at age 19. She luckily

    had and early intervention by one of the early leaders of

    Lyme studies. This early intervention allowed her to stem

    the more potentially serious results latter on. I think

    you are wise to be concerned and urge you to act upon those

    concerns ASAP.


    P.S. I've recently also been diagnosed with Lyme and most
    likely contacted it while leaving in the Sierra years ago!

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    My daughter was 11 (now 15) and she and my sone were "camping" in our backyard when she was bitten by an unknown insect. It created a raised, reddish-purple circular path on her right arm that was about 3" wide. She couldn't raise her arm by Day 2 so I took her to the doctor. He started her on 10 days of Abx and gave her an antihistamine. That was June 2004.

    In early Sept 2004 she became ill with a starnge mon-type illness, and you can read my profile for "The rest of the story".

    I think any odd bite needs immediate Lyme attention. Someone on here might know about ELISA reliability early on. My daughter had one in Sept 2004 that was negative. I don't know about having it run as the time one is bitten.

    We did IGenex in Jan 2007 and she was not CDC or Igenex positive, but had several positive and IND bands and is being treated as of April 2008 by a LLMD.

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    i called the Dr and requested she be put on antibiotics.

    they prescribed 20 days of the strongest Amoxicilin possible (i read on a lyme website that this is an appropriate drug for children).

    i think i will probably request a refill after the 20 days and do a second round of it, b/c i am not sure 20 days is enough.

    does this sound appropriate?

  9. anchor

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    does the above seem like adequate treatment?
  10. mollystwin

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    I don't think 20 days is enough. I would recommend asking for the second round of 20 days for sure even if she is feeling better. The bacteria has a 30 day cycle so it's important to get at least 30 days of abx. Many drs. say at least 6 weeks for a new infection.

    This is to avoid it getting to the chronic stage.

    Good Luck!
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    Check out the link above. Bee was kind enough to type it up. This is a section in the Buhner book "Healing Lyme" for a protocol for new tick bites. Everything is herbal and/or homeopathic so it can be used with Abx.

    Another tool in the arsenal.
  12. anchor

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    thank you very much for your responses.

    i will definitely do an additional 20 days - not comfortable with the "wait and see concept".

    i will also look into the natural remedies you posted.

    thanks again for the support.

  13. anchor

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    here's to hope !
  14. anchor

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    thanks for the reply.

    she is doing fine. had that severe migraine and cold, but that has passed. i am sure she won't get sick for awhile, since on good meds.

    she feels fine, although we do struggle a bit with sleep and the headaches (before possible LD). she was on rozerem, then switched to OTC 1 mg/night melatonin with good success.

    i do have an appt with a neurologist for her. this is to look for possible underlying causes for the headaches.

    i think they are hormone-related. she is 13 1/2 and hasn't started her period yet. my sister had migraines until the day she started hers, then no more.

    **would there be anything i should discuss with the neurologist related to LD?

    thanks for the support. it's hard enough that i worry about her developing FM or CFIDS, like me. haven't looked into the LD for myself.

    :) lisa
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    wow, thanks for all the info.

    i am wondering, though, how do you find a LLMD?

    i live in the greater sacramento, ca area.

    do they have specialized training?

    thanks again.

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    I am in agreement with Munch. If your daughter has a relapse and abx doesn't work read "Healing Lyme" by Buhner. It has been a godsend for me. After 8 different abxs. and 2 months of IV rocephin the only thing that has helped me was Buhner's core protocol. It's a must read for all who live in a tick emdemic area.

    I am doing great!

  17. anchor

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    hi folks.

    well, she is on her third week of negative side-effects from them. she eats yogurt daily and takes probiotics, so hopefully this is creating balance in her body.

    the "ringworm" results are back - and tested negative for yeast and negative for fungus. i am not surprised and was prepared for the apparently typical brush-off with a ringworm Dx.

    i suppose if it was ringworm, that would be better than the 'not knowing' part. but now i am certainly thankful that i followed it up with the antibiotics for lyme.

    the bite (just the center bump part) has re-surfaced and is bothering her - it's on her foot. personally, i am hoping the bulls-eye rash re-appears so that i can at least get a photo of it this time.

    i still guess that we are supposed to just hope for the best.....and that these 40 days on antibiotics proves to be enough.

    no additional Sx.

    how will i ever feel satisfied that she's unaffected?

    i have not gotten tested either (i have FM and CFIDS).

    hmmmm.....more to think about.

    thanks for all the help here - still looking for answers as to how to find an LLMD in the sacramento doctor.

    thx, lisa
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    just bumping.....for more input.

    she's on week 5 of antibiotics and we are waiting on a blood test result.

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    On finding an LLMD in your area:

    Have you been to yet? You register, go to "Flash Discussion" and post under "looking for a doctor". They will send you a list, also ppl from your area who see your post can send you a private message.

    Many ppl have to travel out of their area to see one. Mine is about 2 hours away from me.

    Good luck.
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    bump for the update.