THE UPDATE on my 13 y/o daughter

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    THE UPDATE on my 13 y/o daughter

    please read the posts below for the early details.

    as of now, my daughter had an MRI to determine the cause of chronic migraine headaches (2 years now) and facial weakness - droopy smile and eyelid (progressivly worse, for 4 years).

    per the neurologist, the MRI was clear and ruled out brain tumor, brain damage, etc. it did NOT tell us why she has migraines.

    it did show she has a partial facial nerve, causing the smile weakness. he said 'Bells Palsy' as the working diagnosis. no treatment, cause unknown.

    now, here is where her history gets interesting. she had a bulls-eye rash and was ill (most severe migraine, cold/flu symptoms) in early May.....years after she has had the other symptoms from above. she was on 6 weeks of anti-biotics. her elisa test came up negative (of course).

    the neurologist just signed off on her getting Igenex testing.

    not sure what to be thinking at this point. since the rash in May, i have been concerned about lyme disease, but does anyone think her symptoms (migraines/facial paralysis) are from Lyme having already been present in her body? years?

    i have FMS and CFS Dx since 2002. (i had mono 6 weeks post-partum with her and had a son 2.5 years later - 3 years later had mild FMS symptoms, flared bigtime in 2002 and had my 3rd baby in 2005.)

    I haven't been tested for Lyme. is this something i could have given her via birth? i have 3 children.....2 before my Dx and 1 since.

    any and all thoughts welcome. please. lisa.

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    I left you a response earlier today 9/28, on the other Thread
    If the antibiotics were given shortly b- the test, it may
    have influenced the results.I mentioned on the other thread
    that it might be wise to wait a bit b-4 doing the Igenex test
    as the anti-biotic may "hide" antibody discovery. Check with
    the Igenex lab on this issue b-4 doing the test.

    It is thought that Lyme can be transmitted by bodily fluids.
    So your concern about this issue may be warrantable. Have you
    found an LLMD? It's highly advisable to do so especially if
    you get a "positive" through an Igenex test on you or your
    child. If you don't locate one in the Sacramento Area, I
    know there is more than ONE in Butte County, 1 1/2 hours north
    of Sac. (See other thread for details I disclosed)
    "Bells Palsy" can indeed be caused by Lyme as well as headaces.

    Keep in touch please!

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    antibiotics 09/28/08 10:17 PM

    she was on antibiotics for 6 weeks - june thru beg of july.

    the elisia test she had was in july.

    i should get the results this week for the neuro's western blot test (quest lab).

    we will do igenex testing this week.