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    Do you use one, or do you want to know if others use one.
    I would love to use one but my arms just don't have the ability to hold on to one. Plus take the weight of me leaning on them. I use my husbands or someones arm when necessary. Though canes are useful when in a crowd. People let you through without bumping into you.
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    BUT, i reagulary use a cane. i have one with a tripod on the feet and an offset handle.
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    HI to all that responded so far. Like I said I am new here and not sure how to post back to your responses. Yes I use a cane but is a wooden cheap one from Walmart as my insurance will not pay for a cane even though I have a prescription from the dr. What I am saying is if and when you to for a disability hearing and use a cane make sure you have a prescription from the dr. and it is also in your medical files as the judge will ask. Also make sure it is a medical one. One the is specified in the prescription and or medical file. My prescription just says a one tip cane. But doesn't specify metal medical looking etc.... The ones I am meaning by medical you would buy in a medical supply store like Mersco Medical etc..... A store that you would buy wheel chairs, oxygen etc.... I have never been in a medical supply store as of yet. Didn't know it made a difference where the cane came from as long as it is prescribed by a dr. I mean any one can go and buy a cane just about any where. LOL
    Sipa Marsha
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    I do not use a cane, becuase of my arms also, I do use my wheelchair when I am going to have to walk alot, one time a person said isnt that given up and I said , NO!, giving up is staying in the house and not living in the world so do what you must to get out and make it as easy as possiable for yourself, I have been more active and in a better place since I got over the fact that it is okay to learn your limitations!!!!!
    I now never miss anything of my kids functions they have or my husbands we go and enjoy the outside is alot better then keeping yourself locked inside!!
    your friend,
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    I talked with my doc about a cane. He told me to find one I found useful and then bring it and the receipt to him. he wrote it up as suggested tripod cane from such and such etc. This way it is perfectly legit. BTW mine is from Wal-Mart too. It's made by invacare.