the vaccine problem...

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    Vaccine has not yet been proven bad, not that it won't be.

    The problem with vaccinations is the 60 years of adding mercury.

    If, as I believe, we are all suffering some stage of mercury poisoning as a result of this horror, then no doubt getting any vaccination even if mercury is no longer used, would be risky against an overworked immune system.

    I don't think we can just assume we are always going to do something to a perfectly healthy person when we are making assumptions about risk and effect.

    And, I have done the homework to believe that adding mercury was a business decision to insure an endless drug business. That's hard to grasp, but it would have taken a scientist with knowledge of mercury and the immune system to create the formula and one of the scientists indeed was the first man to recognize what we call DNA while he was studying immune reaction.

    He also taught vaccine production people at the drug companies, on loan from the Rockefeller Institute.

    Without public disclosure and a huge reality check, who can say about getting vaccinated again? How do we know that mercury has been stopped when there is a media blackout and coverup in progress?


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    I can't say that I don't agree with you but I'm hoping that this wasn't a malicious thing. But the problem most associated with the smallpox vaccine is that it is LIVE>>> meaning they give you a minute amount of smallpox.... now an intact immune system may be able to handle that but I can tell you I'll be the one statistic that dies. Good luck!