The Value of Daily Prayer

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Andrew111, Dec 9, 2009.

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    I just need to share this with someone. It's not meant to be advice. I just find that if I pray every day I feel better. I don't mean I feel healed. I just feel better that day. Maybe it is spiritually better. But despite this, I don't pray every day. I forget. Or I put it off. I don't know why. It always makes me feel better. Maybe it is like other things I've done in life, where I know something is better but I don't do it.

    I spoke with a friend tonight who has a different spiritual view than I do. He believes in a less-specific higher power than I do. But he has the same experience I do. When his CFS was very bad, he would talk to his higher power often during the day. He said it made him feel better.

    Anyway, I realize what I'm saying might seem simplistic and obvious. I just needed to say it somewhere where people understand this kind of thing.
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    For a believer is is the most powerful thing there is, not only for us but for those around us. I have prayed to Our Lords for healing of macular degeneration and was healed, when the pain is so bad with this Lyme/fibro/EBV He will lift it and give me the grace to go on.
    Isn't it a wonderful thing when the Holy Spirit will give us knowledge..then it seems so simple- a Christian 'duh" moment :):)LOL
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    I hear you speak a lot of Al-Anon. I had a brother and brother-in-law both go through treatment and attend Al-Anon, along with my sister. Perhaps things have changed a lot, or maybe it's different in certain regions, but in our state Al-Anon has a lot of religious teachings...very general, but religious, nevertheless. They especially have the songs "One Day At a Time, Dear Jesus", and "The Old Rugged Cross", which are extremely important to them.

    As I said, it may differ in locales, but that's also part of the 12-step program in our state. My sister said their program helped her so much, as a wife of an alcoholic. She had totally lost all self-worth and it taught her a lot about gaining it back. She has nothing but good to say about Al-Anon also.

    For me, prayer is a way of connecting to my God, gaining comfort and reassurance. I too end up with a very peaceful and calming sense after allowing God into my life and thoughts. It's a great start to a day, and seems to make a huge difference in how I perceive things.
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    continues to evolve. I have always said some sort of prayer on a daily basis. However,in the past few years my prayer life has grown and as a result,my relationship with God has deepened as well. I too, find a real sense of peace after spending time in prayer. Turning my worries and struggles over to God,not to mention my gratitude and thanks for all He has given me is very empowering.It is true that prayer doesn't guarentee life will be a bed of roses,somehow it makes the trials easier to bear knowing we aren't alone . ~~~Jeanne