The Vedas (ancient Indian books) about health

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    Dear women,

    Of course, we all want to be healthy. That's why we search everywhere and try almost everything to become happy. What I will talk about is not some "hip new diet" or anything like that. The Vedas are sacred and very ancient (more than 5000 years old) Indian books. They have practically everything in them: how to be healthy, what to eat (and when, which is also important), what is the meaning of life, the structure of our univer, God, how to build a happy family, how to progress spiritually, how to achieve success in business. Despite the fact that the Vedas are very ancient books, the knowledge in them is VERY usefull today, it really works. You don't have to take my word for it, try it yourself. I have been studying the books of Dr. Torsunov, who writes about the Vedas and gives many reccomendations for a year now. My family life has improved and my health has improved (although not completely yet). And I have finally understood what we are actually here for.Good luck!
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    Like Depak Chopra, have read many books, some ancient, in order to grow in wisdom and spirit. I have yet to read one of these books and not come away with at least one little germ of a helpful idea and sometimes, a whole new paradigm for looking at life.

    I've seen many quotes from the Vedas used by authors in chapter headings, just as some use Bible verses as chapter headings.

    Thanks for this post. I've found that in treating these illnesses, it isn't always the big treatments which make a difference, but rather the little gems we find along the way which help us cope. I think when we find a gem and share it here, it helps us too. That's the whole idea of this board. We are free to accept it or reject it, but I think we all should say, thanks. Karma is an Eastern term but it is the same as The Golden Rule. By sharing this, you have increased good Karma and I pray you are blessed.

    Love, Mikie

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