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    just look up the vibe machine on the web and read for more info...this is a post for those of you who dont give up trying to find something to help!

    i have only had 5 sessions and i have noticed my sleep has improved and that i have more is particularly good for chronic/acute pain and clearing cancer.....yup read the it helps with lots more!

    my husband in 2 session has completely cleared the pain in his toe from a neuroma......and hes the ultimate skeptic...for those of you in colorado the inventor lives in greeley...........and there are many chiropractic off ices and privately owned machines around.......they are all over sooo check it out

    plug in your zip code, find one in your area, and trust me.........try getting blood work today , will continue with sessions for 60 days and redo my bloodwork!

    peace out.....there is hope in this crazy world of pain and suffering!

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    What is the vibe machine?
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    I've heard lots of good things about the VIBE machine. A friend of mine is using a similar type machine and it does relieve pain and help her sleep better. It has improved her energy to a level that she hasn't felt in years.

    The web site for the VIBE machine is