The Voice of God

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    ~The Voice of God ~

    Sometimes God speaks in a burning bush -
    Sometimes, in a vision bright.
    Sometimes He speaks in a still small voice;
    In a dream in the dark of the night.

    Sometimes it’s just inclination
    You have in your heart and your soul.
    But, if you listen in earnest,
    He will find a way to console.

    You can prove God in every instance,
    For His words align in a Book.
    You’ll find there no variation,
    Open the pages and look!

    For, He’s steady as the quasar;
    Much more than Gibraltar’s Rock.
    He loves, so greatly, the least little one.
    He lovingly tends His flock.

    If a warning comes in the dark of the night,
    Some idea is born to you,
    If a complex answer comes to light,
    Listen, friend. Here’s what you do.

    Line it up with the Book of the Ages,
    Where good men have always found
    The voice of God, in the silence,
    Where the wisdom of God abounds.

    Joan Clifton Costner