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    Hope everyone sees this new volume and decides to post. I have been bad enough myself posting on the wrong one lately. It has been so busy here lately. DD, SIL and DGS just left after a BIG Mexican lunch to keep them sustained through their flight home to NC. We looked around the subdivision and turns out that the home they really wanted had already been spoken for. We knew thee was another bid on the table but apparently they came to a meeting of the minds in their bidding, etc. Oh well, my DD and family were really not quite ready for the move as they haven't had started yet working on getting their house sold. He still has a couple of months left of work. So the realtors here were also going to keep on the lookout for what they want in a home, in the meantime.

    It is so chilly this afternoon another blast came in after we came out from WM, so windy not more sun and cold. She is just like me with no blood :)!! She is the one who overcame cancer, thank God.

    Just had time to read the posts on 667 very quickly. Please do go back and ready if you haven't.

    Julie - To much going on at your house.

    Gotta run and hope to get back soon again. This coming week will be singing almost every day. I will be bowing out for two of them. No reason to make myself completely crazy. More later.

    SW - Thinking of you and your dear family. I know how sad it is to lose a close relative or dear friend to such an awful disease. (((Spring Water )))) :( !!!

    Sun - I have been reading your posts. I just haven't been on that often and posting when I should have bee. I will be glad when this month is over with.

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    Granni, Darrae, Sunflower

    thank you so much

    Thank you for your poems Rock and SG, I know I dont grieve that he left this
    earth...there is so much pain and none where he is..i grieve the loss of his company
    but then it is a process and we all come out of it...i must remember this

    God Bless
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    Granni, thanks for starting a new Porch.

    Springwater, please know the prayers will continue. I have always loved the poem Dar posted. I have my Mom's ashes in my bedroom in a beautiful box which looks like a jewelry box but I don't think she's there. She is always with me in spirit and leaves me hints that she isn't gone. Grieving takes time and each of us grieves in our own way. The holes that losing loved ones leaves in our hearts never completely close up but, in time, the pain is less raw. Good memories were my best way to heal and as I continue to heal, the memories are even more vivid and comforting. I hope the same will be true for you and yours.

    Dar, thanks so much for posting that poem. It is a comfort to everyone. Hope the UTI doesn't hang around. I've found that I can take the daily dose of ABX if I take it with food, which I'm not supposed to do. Still, it seems to be working (knock on my wooden head :) If dehydration is a problem, get some Smart Water. It tastes like the best glacier water but contains electrolytes. It's expensive but you don't have to drink it all day. Just make one of your glassesful of water Smart Water. Costco has the best prices on it.

    Julie, I hope you aren't still feeling yucky. I would have thought for all the world I was getting sick with a cold but rest got rid of it. I took a partial extra day of rest and then got the brackets for the shelf hung. I have just set the shelf on them so still have to screw the shelf itself to the brackets. Had I used a 2x6, I would probably not even anchor the board but because I used a 1x6, I'm afraid if I don't screw it to the brackets, it might warp. I've said I don't have any more projects in me but a small project is OK. Barb's son did bring me some spackle so I got the holes in the neighbor's doorframe filled. I dug around and found our paint so will sand and paint it today.

    Sunflower Girl, I haven't painted either. When the arthritis pain had returned to my hands, I didn't think I could. I'm hoping that since the booster shot, I can paint again. Arthritis pain is gone now. There is an older woman who handpaints designs which are printed on her tee shirts, which are collectible. She is now doing pillows, framed art, and designs for our Florida Tervis Tumblers. Her designs are tropical and very, very colorful. I own one shirt and plant to copy one of her designs on a plain tee I already own. No one has worse drywall than in this condo. I have found that the regular anchors don't work well. I use the huge plastic ones which screw into the wall. Then I screw the screw into them. Thank God this bldg. was built before the Chinese drywall fiasco or our builder would have likely used it to cut corners. Thing is that the bldg. itself is soooo well built but the insides are awful.

    Haven't messed with my Surface2 since I tried to use it to post here. My old laptop is better for that job. Also, I plan on using the old one for banking and other important jobs. The Surface will likely be used as a tablet so I can use public wi-fi with it. I'm not big on always being "connected." That's why my horrible TracFone doesn't bother me. I can call and text and, if I really need to, I can get online with 3G. It's such a piece of junk phone that I can stand right in front of a router with all arcs and it still won't let me online or download Yahoo or Google.

    Think I'll shower and go out to shop. Need groceries and Stein Mart is having a big sale. They have the best stuff for the home on sale and then print coupons for even more discount. Because my shelf is lower than the pillows on the back of the sofa, I need a taller clock and, maybe, a taller knickknack. I have books, flameless candles and my new Himilayan salt lamp on it. The lamp makes a beautiful orange glow and the neg. ions calm me down. The sky is cloudy today but when the sun came up, it glowed a brilliant copper color and then turned to an orangy yellow. I went out onto the lanai and just sucked in the air. We have the best air down here when it's not too hot but is humid--like a breathing treatment.

    Today would have been my 50th wedding anniv. Doesn't even compute. Can't imagine being married that long. I was only married for about half that long. Of course, I wish it would have worked out and we would have gone gracefully into old age but I've done the best I can on my own and am happy being single. I always loved..."Come, grow old with me; the best is yet to be." My version is..."You didn't grow old with me but I'm still happy as can be."

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Julie, I hope your sinus headache turns out to be as short lived as mine. It's funny cause we endure the hot summers just for our first taste of fall. Today is gray and rainy but we need it so am not complaining. I did go out but found nothing to wear nor nothing for the house. I think I'll hit Hobby Lobby later in the week. They always have unique things on sale and I have a 40 percent coupon for any one thing which isn't on sale.

    I saw Julie sitting on the steps so stopped to see whether I could see the cats. She wouldn't let me! She said they were, "Snoozing!" What? Cats snooze 90 percent of the time. I know she has personal issues and her eyes were red but she was so cold and rude. I did so much for the cats and let her have them when she wanted them that I don't feel as though I deserve such treatment. I miss them so much, just like she did when I had them but I welcomed her visits. I'm not counting on seeing them again. How sad!

    I came home and turned on my salt lamp. It is so calming. Also, it helps to vent here. Thanks!

    I have plenty to do but may just snooze myself. Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Folks

    Just had a dream with unusually vivid colors. I walked into our living room, and it was full of
    potted poinsettias in all colors. The orange ones were especially striking. That's all. It was
    more like a snapshot than a video.

    Thinking of you, Springwater. Wish we were closer. I could visit and give you a hug. Bring
    your family some tater tot hot dish. I suppose you could improve it with some curry. Ha Ha!

    Weekends are laundry time. I guess they don't have to be now that Gordon is a man of leisure. I did the laundry for decades when I was only working part time, and we had the washer, dryer in the house. Now I can't carry anything heavier than a dictionary, so Gordon has to do most of the work. More and more my partner is becoming my caretaker. Hell of a situation.

    Mikie, does the Hobby Lobby have a store or just a lobby? Do they have a backroom where
    politicians meet with lobbyists? I just had an epiphany of you at the Pearly Gates.

    St Peter: Oh, Mikie. We've been expecting you. Go right in. There is no charge, of course,
    however there is a small registration fee.

    Mikie: I have a coupon right here.

    Julie, your menu sounds perfect for cold weather: chili, soup, creamed chicken on biscuits.
    I'll be over as soon as I can hire a sleigh. Your family sounds wonderful. Wish I could
    meet them. I want to hear Isaiah say "Amy".

    Granni, are there houses at reasonable prices in your area? Here in LA, before the crash of
    2008, it was almost impossible to find a house for less than $400,000. Gordon, who worked
    in the mortgage business, said many older homes had a replacement value of something like
    $120,000, But the price would be $400,000 because the land was so expensive.

    BTW, remember Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve? (He's the one Dave Barry
    always described as looking like a constipated squirrel.) He said he did not see the crash
    coming. Well, Gordon and his coworker sure did. They predicted it 3 years earlier.
    Despite the policies of our government, even a kid in middle school knows it's not
    a good idea to sell houses to people who have no income.

    Is Texas weather being colder than usual? I saw on the news that more fierce
    weather is headed for the Mid west.

    Hugs to absent friends. Have to finish the dishes and fold clothes, etc. (Household tip.
    I no longer fold sheets. Just wrap 'em into a ball and toss 'em in the cupboard. I
    can't do anything where I have to work with arms extended. Too hard on the back.)

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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I'm so glad your sinus headache is gone. I have an Rx for Nasacort for stubborn stuffiness but usually one of the OTC sprays does the trick. I don't ever use them every day. The OTC ones will also get rid of a headache which is not of the sinus type. Don't know why but don't questions what works. I'm so glad to see you are resting. Of all people, you, who are around kids and so busy all the time, need to rest at this busy holiday time so you aren't sick and can enjoy it. Our Julie is a kinda strange person. She's had a hard life, has had a knee replaced and is going in today for shoulder surgery. She recently had a seizure. She has always seemed to be in a kind of dream state and the neighbors surmise she is taking meds. She wan't angry or unkind acting, just blew me away that her excuse was that the cats were snoozing. My condo was a horrible mess when I let her in to see them. I'm starting to wish I hadn't given them to her but then, I realize that I really didn't want pets full time. I do think it would be good for both the cats and me for us to see one another. Tweety and I had a very special bond and I'm wondering whether Tweety didn't have a fit and want to go out after I left. She ran to the door as though I was going to take her home with me. The whole thing is heartbreaking but doesn't have to be. At least, I know she is giving them a good home.

    Oh, Rock, you kill me. I think all punsters go to Heaven. After all, who else gives the world a chance to laugh and groan? If entry requires a coupon, I'm sure I'll have one. Real estate market seems to be recovering in Denver. My old home is now worth half a mil. My condo down here is worth what I paid for it. On the plus side, my taxes are low. I think I mentioned that I am homesteaded. I get an extra homestead for being old and another for being poor. They can only apply two of them and $10K of the third or they would completely wipe out the value of my home altogether. They have to squeeze a few hundred dollars to pay for fire protection and schools. Building continues at a feverish pace and that keeps property values low. With values high elsewhere, when those people retire and sell their homes, they can come down here and buy something spectacular on a golf course and have a ton of money left over. I always thought Greenspan was asleep at the financial wheel. He is married to Andrea Mitchell who used to look a lot like Barbara Walters and even had the same speech impediment until she took elocution lessons. He also dated Walters before he married Mitchell. Guess he has a definite type. One of my favorite pastimes is to decide what politicians look like. One looks just like a turtle and when he's on TV, I can't help but think..."The turtle speaks across the land."

    Went out yesterday, loaded with coupons and found nothing to buy. That's why I need to go to Hobby Lobby. I'll go tomorrow after the condo mtg. I always have to dress and do my hair and makeup for the mtg. so might as well not waste it. I usually try to do my shopping afterward. I'll stop at the ins. agency too. I hope it's warm enough for my paint today. I'm also going to take a Brillo pad to clean the aluminum door sill of dirt and oxidation. It makes them shine like new. An inviting door will, hopefully, attract decent neighbors. I always knew my marketing degree would come in handy ;)

    Hobby Lobby is run by a Christian organization. I think they are a spinoff of the old Ben Franklin stores. You can buy lollipops wrapped in Scripture. I love the store and hope they are not using profits to discriminate against others like the guy who runs Chic-Fil-A does. I won't eat there. I will now eat at KFC because they buy their chickens from Tyson. When they slaughtered their own, they abused the chickens horribly and someone took videos and published them online. I respect others' religions and beliefs but do not like to see them attack others who have different beliefs and/or lifestyles. I always respected Chic-Fil-A because they closed on Sundays to give their employees a chance to worship with family and they had scholarships for the kids who worked there over time. Still, when those profits are used against the LGBT community, it goes too far. JMHO! My kids are like that too. We don't attend rodeos, circuses and dog races or anything else which exploits animals. They also vote with their dollars when they shop.

    Simon didn't come out yesterday; he usually doesn't when it's rainy and the sprinklers have run and it's all wet outside. Cat's don't like water but it makes me think he may be older and the wet conditions are painful for him. He was sleeping on my chair this morning. I took his food out and a nice bowl of cold filtered water. I had forgotten how much Tweety and Sylvester loooooved clean water after drinking dirty water outside wherever they could find it. I'm sure they have all ingested petroleum from the street puddles. I wonder whether they run on regular or premium :D

    We are getting a cold spell--down in the 70's. I love it at that temp but the 80's are OK too. Yankee Snowbirds come down and are happy with whatever they get. BTW, even though I only have some temporary knacknicks on my little shelf, it really does look good. That salt lamp really calms me and when I'm calm, I feel tons of gratitude for all my blessings. I've decided that stress is the enemy of gratitude so try not to let things bother me for long. Here's to a stress-free and gratitude-filled day for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello all

    Thank you for the continued prayers and thinking of me..appreciate those cyber hugs :)

    Brother was cremated yesterday. Monks came and started praying from the day he breathed
    his last and continued till his cremation. its a long winded ceremony entailing prayers to ensure
    his soul knows he is now no longer on this plane and requesting him to proceed.

    we hv to feed the monks and house all those people helping so i hired two cooks for two days.
    SILs relatives would hv done so but they all of them had been at the hospital since brother was
    there taking care of him and everyone was without sleep and of course traumatized at losing

    Day before, i went to a far off monastery with my dh and offered up prayers, in our
    custom the more prayers and more lamps are lit, the more it is beneficial to the departed.
    So we sent for prayers to be said and lamps lit in several monasteries. Some relatives also
    went on their own.

    I must say after the severe process of his organs shutting down and some signs of being
    in distress for 10hrs, the last two hours were peaceful, he started losing consciousness
    but was breathing. SILs one BIL is a devout Christian and he asked me if he could pray
    while brother was convulsing a bit..and of course i jumped at the offer, and said my own
    too. I kept chanting our own prayer which is supposed to send the soul straight onwards
    to the light rather than letting it hang on attached to this plane.

    In a while Brother calmed down, stopped convulsing and started breathing shallowly.
    i, like everyone else was shot with exhaustion so they made me sleep on the settee beside
    the bed, and i fell asleep. At a particular moment, something made me open my eyes, and
    i saw brother, he was peaceful but breathing and it was the same look i had seen when my
    fathr was near passing, so i jumped up, and whispered into his ear we were all going to be
    fine, he could let go, and to go into the light if he saw one, that was where peace was and
    where he was supposed to go, and then i chanted Om mantra into his ear until three minutes
    or so later, he stopped breathing.His wife too was at his side, telling him she loved him, and
    oh, the look on his face after he passed, utter and absolute peace like he was in some beautiful
    place and awestruck at the same time. Such serenity as i hv rarely seen on the living.

    Afterwe took him home on the morn i saw him on the bed they had laid him on, and i felt that
    he was smiling a little. i thought can it be? Then SIL came in, looked at him and said, my dear
    one, look at you, you left me, look at you smiling, youre happy are you? well, whatever it was
    it was kind of a peaceful feeling to not see pain or a grimace.

    yesterday i visited and after talking to my husbands cousins sister who visited we came out
    together, she to go back home and i carrying his ashes to take to the monastery in the south
    to ask them how to proceed.

    We got a bus down the hill and i went a little ways with her then she got off and i too did
    so and took a cab. it was dusk by then, i met the monk handed over the ashes and then
    went and perambulated around the stupa and went back home.

    My two younger brothers have risen to the occassion, the youngest silently going about his
    tasks of lighting butter lamps and taking care of the ten dogs they keep, and praying and
    middle doing the sundry tasks and making tea and doing the errands, lighting fires to
    keep everyone warm. Im proud of them.

    My friends, relatives, brothers and SILs friends and relatives and dhs
    uncles hv been visting the first day but yesterday was relatively quiet.

    SIL has bouts of going to pieces and crying, then raging then calming down and proceeding
    with the chores. her huge family of four sisters their children and BILs are there coming down
    and keeping company in groups so she doesnt hv to face the silence brother
    has decided to stay a few days keeping youngest brother company. youngest and SIL dont get'
    along, so trying not to force their lone companioship on each other for as long as possible.

    Rock =- i loved that you dreamt about flower! thank you for your cyber hug. believe me, i could
    feel it, all the way down here as i do the warmth and concern of all of you out here.

    Granni - wise of you to cancel those performances which are too much. health comes first.

    Julie - can understand yours and Amys feelings, of course you love Lindsey but you are also
    so overwhelmed. And it is HER baby. She always knew what it would be like if she did get
    pregnant especially NOW.

    Diane - take care of your health. prayers for your furry household member.

    Mikie - love the sound of that orange glow from the Himalayan salt lamp. The Julie
    lady who didnt let you see the cats, pls dont be put off. when people are going thru a
    difficult time, they tend to behave uncharacteristically. she will come out of it, be patient.

    Today is Full Moon and i will be going to light butterlamps at monasteries. When i was
    younger, i never believed in lighting lamps or such like. but now, i dont know. I used to
    wonder why on earth would chanting Om improve anyones life, till i got into Pranic healing
    and began to see auras and could see peoples auras. nd how it doubled in brightness and
    clarity when they were praying. Last evening i made my son sit down and gave him a chant
    to recite praising divine and sat and watched and saw his aura..appear, it slowly started getting
    brighter until five minutes later it was like a shining armour all around him a foot wide, then
    i began to see bits of yellow (dont know what that is) and i saw a figure what looked like
    an angels wing at the side of him behind him. (I definitely did see an angel figure with wings
    behind my healer friend once as she was healing me). Around seven foot high and a curved
    wing span perfectly symmetrical and all opaque white. Lol. i know it sounds loony to some.

    im sorry you had to face her unreasonable and hurtful act. this is what people in pain
    sometimes project. pain.

    Dar -keep warm! You do keep yourself so busy. I like that.

    Im sorry if i missed is full moon and i hv to

    take care all

    God Bless
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    Hi Fellow Porchies!

    Once again, I was not on for a couple days and missed so much! Thanks for starting the new porch Granni.

    You are such a busy bee these days! Glad you had a chance to visit with your family from out of town. I still wish I could get my voice back. I try and try to sing, practice scales, etc....nothin. I get up just so high then nothing comes out but squeeks and air. You have fun with your voice and raise it high for me too willya?

    Spring, thinking of you. My heart goes out to you.

    Mikie, and Sun, I haven't painted lately either. My living room is still on the porch, my life at work has been too demanding due to the holiday season, the cold is slowing me down (It's an ice box here), and I just don't have the umpf to do much but rest when I get home. Glad you liked the poem Mikie. It just seemed "right". Sorry to hear about your kitty encounter. You're rude! Maybe Julie's onto something regarding her home? Hope that's all it was.

    Julie, You have so much on your plate on a regular basis. Stay well. Hope your sinus discomfort stays away now. Get some rest. Glad you are, at least, taking some time for you.

    Rock, So funny. Hobby Lobby Lobbyist. :D St. Peter and Mikie with a coupon. Your puns always bring a smile in their wake. I think you've come up with a rather novel way of folding sheets. If it works, it works. I'm one of those "perfect corner" pain in the cabooses. Unfortunately, I fear the stairs enough that my daughter does all the laundry duties at our house. As a result, I've had to learn to be happy that my clothes are clean and that someone was kind enough to do them for me. "Perfect corners" no longer enter into this equation. And, now you mention it, you're right Alan Greenspan does look like a "constipated squirrel". LOL Bless you Rock and your indominatable humor.

    Hi Diane, good to see you posting again. Twin couples, how ironic. Sorry about your recent losses. Always hard to lose people we care for. Your rice dish sounds yummy!

    It's been like a trip to the north pole here! I've been spending quite some time in the mornings clearing the snow off my car and letting it warm up while I do so. It's cold as a witch's behind here! And the worst of this arctic front hasn't hit us as yet. I've a feeling when it does you will be getting posts from a Darcicle! :eek: Wish me warmth!

    To all the Porchies, including Joan, Jam, Soul, Barry and any others I fail to mention, I send you good vibes and hugz all round.
  9. Mikie

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    Julie, I keep hoping and praying that you don't get sick. I woke this morning with a sinus headache and a stuffy head. I got up, fed Simon, made coffee and sniffed my Nasacort (I call it "Snortacort :) I took my sinus med and some acetaminophen for the headache. I don't ever sleep with windows open cause of allergies. It's cold enough that the A/C isn't running so the allergens aren't being filtered out. I have the neg. ion air cleaner in my bedroom. I may have to bring in the larger one. I was outside all day yesterday so that might have done it. I love the idea of "Elf Yourself." I just learned of the "Elf on the Shelf." Seems that Jewish have a "Mensch on the Bench."

    Diane, OMG, one hears of the difficulty of herding cats but you're living it and then having to hold them still to medicate them. Pink eye is so hard to get rid of. Prayers going up for your kitties. I saw the ad for the color "I Love Lucy" episodes. It appeared that they did a really good job of coloration too. I want to watch.

    Springwater, wow, what an exhausting time for everyone who is grieving but, often, the more ceremony, the better it is for those who need to heal. I was with my Mom when she died and she had the same look of such peace and happiness. Just before she passed, she reached her hands out to someone she could see but I couldn't. I think our loved ones come to take us Home when it is our time. Prayers for you and your family too.

    Dar, I agree; these are busy, busy days. The only painting I've done is on the door frame on our empty unit. Builder never primed nor painted the bare, untreated wood--just screwed the screen door frame to it. Now that I've removed the door, I have had to paint it with both the white and gray. I'm thinking that I had better caulk where they put a slat of wood on top of the frame. If moisture gets in there, it will rot the wood. Seems I can never finish a project.

    I wore my back brace but my back was killing me when I went to bed. I hadn't taken my phone out and there was a message from my ins. co. I've been calling them since Jul. or Aug. to pay my lab bill for screening tests done after my yearly preventive exam. They keep telling me not to pay it and that they are taking care of it. I'm still getting bills from the lab with "past due" on them. I filed a complaint with Medicare and, evidently, it got the ins. co.'s attn. I hope they were calling to tell me the bill's been paid. I hate this kind of stuff. Tomorrow, I have to stop in to my condo ins. broker to see why I've not received credit after we had our wind mitigation inspection. We are entitled to several discounts. Again, I've called and called. Oy! This gets old.

    I was so miffed at Julie regarding letting me see the cats. I always have prepared a Christmas bag for them and had planned on a box of Russel Stover candy for her. I was so mad I said I wasn't going to give her the candy if she kept this up. Then, I looked at myself and decided that I don't want to let others turn me into someone I don't like. She had rotator cuff surgery yesterday so I left the candy and a get well card from the cats for her. I can't change how she behaves but I am in charge of how I behave. I don't want to be an angry person.

    I stopped at Lowe's to get short screws for my shelf and they had the most beautiful calla lilies--big ones at a small price. I got one with reddish orange blooms and two black, red, and yellow cushions for the chairs which sit in the middle of the balcony. It looks so fresh, colorful and inviting now. I also got a new little table for the plant. Hopefully, a clean and attractive bldg. will appeal to a better class of renters. We've had some real doozies in the hood in the past. Rundown looking bldgs. seem to appeal to the criminal sorts. They don't last long but are a real nuiscience. Renters here have to pass a background check, including a credit check. They also have to have a lease. That stops a lot of the undesirable renters. Most of our renters are great.

    Have a condo mtg. this morning. I need to go get my one measly Mega Millions ticket. I figure if it's meant to be, I only need one ticket. It's up to half a billion dollars. If there is no winner tonight, it could go to a billion. Can't wrap my mind around that much money, even after taxes. I'd split it with daughters and spend a lot of it on helping those in dire need. My needs are simple.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

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    Another quick post to awl. Nice to see you DIANEand that as well. I just refreshed myself on the Halleljah Chorus on Youtube, one of the things we are singing, probably at the end. I hadn't sung that in years, some tricky parts. Taking a break and going to the doc with DH for his physical and then we sing again on Wed. and Thurs with the swmall group and then all the practices at night for the Contata at church.

    Need to go practice some more stuff for the cantata and take a shower.

    Julie - Sorry you have another headache.

    PS - I wrote this yesterday and somehow it didn't post or I didn't click correctly :)!!

    Off to the docs with DH for annual checkup !

    More later hopefully.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni, glad to see you here. Hope all went well with DH's appt.

    I'm still fighting to get the labs paid for from my annual well visit in June. I had filed a complaint with Medicare and my ins. co. called. I had to call them back and their computers are down. Soooo, I wait a while longer to try to get them to do what they should have done in the first place. Had the lab been more helpful, they would likely have their money by now. I hated to go to Medicare but it gets the attention of the ins. co.'s. I hope they finally get this handled. It was in June that I had the labwork done.

    No dondo mtg. today. It's too cold to sit out by the pool and our property mgr. got a jury duty notice. It's also too cold to paint and finish the door frame. It's not too cold to clean inside but the spirit ain't movin' me. My back still hurts from yesterday so I may just crawl back into bed and rest. I did load up and get a few groceries. Good sale on ribeye steaks and pork chops so I got some and froze them. I've been craving protein lately.

    Just got my "Popular Science" and I may curl up with it. It has an interesting looking article on insect droids. Our lovely "natural" creatures flying around may be Big Brother watching us. Yikes! It's an advantage to have a boring life like mine which wouldn't interest anyone.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

    Love, Mikie
  12. Goatwoman

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    SW, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your brother. Sending prayers and soft hugs to you--

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good afternoon, everyone. I just woke from a long winter's nap. Must have needed it. Lymph nodes in my neck are enlarged so I may be fighting off something.

    Jam, I'm one of those people who almost never come home from a trip on a plane with a cold. I thought for all the world I had caught one three days after arriving home but it went right away that day. I take a lot of vitamin C all the time and that may be why. My immune system seems to overreact to those kinds of viruses too.

    Ellie, glad to see you posting, even though it's for a sad reason. Hope you come back to post more.

    I just realized I called it a "dondo" mtg. in my last post, instead of condo mtg. I just type away and typos be damned. Oh well, I think we all can usually figure out what we want to say and others can understand us. Thank goodness.

    Am watching Victoria Wieck on HSN. She designs some beautiful jewelry. I don't buy much in the way of jewelry but I do own her "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" watch. It's so blingy that a woman stopped me in the airport and said my watch was sending out so much bling that she couldn't take her eyes off of it. It is really an unusual watch. The only number on it is a big 5. She showed a diamonique necklace that rivals anything anyone wears on the red carpet. I honestly don't know why anyone would bother with the real thing when hers are so beautiful and believable. Thing is that I would have nowhere to wear something like that. It's hard enough just to get me out of my condo let alone to some fancy schmancy party.

    My Christmas Cactus is huge and there are blooms on every tip. I can't wait until it's all in bloom. It's out on my lanai so I can see it when I sit in my living room and look through the big glass sliders. The afternoon sun is casting long shadows and the grass and trees are emerald green. The African Tulip tree across the pond out back is in full bloom with huge orange flowers. The tree itself is huge.

    All my fingernails are breaking off. It happens every year at this time. I used to hate having them so short at Christmas but now, it doesn't matter. I won't wear fake nails. Too hard on nail beds. I did a mani/pedi this morning but didn't put on any polish. I'm letting the nail beds rest.

    Well, Porchies, that's about it from here and it ain't much. Hope your days are happy and full.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Went to the doctor's office two days in a row. Nice drive. No smog. The sky was
    blue with mixed cloud formations. The only two I remember from 9th grade science are
    cumulus and cirrus. Cumulus are the big, fluffy ones. They get their name because the have
    accumulated during the night when we weren't looking.

    The cirrus clouds are named after Sirius, the dog star, which in turn was named after Cyrus,
    the Persian King. Look up Cyrus, the name, and you will find it means, King, throne or sun.
    Even today there are remnants of this ancient history. Persia is now Iran. If you go lie about
    in the Iranian desert you can still get a nasty sunburn.

    But as I was saying, the sky was clear. You could see the sharp edges on the mountains against the horizon. The Observatory and the Hollywood sign stood out against the hills.

    Finally got the test results. Doc said the carotids are blocked 65-70 % so now I'm supposed to do all that lowering cholesterol stuff. The trouble is, you have to be at least somewhat healthy to do all this stuff. I'm not up to it. Don't think it's worth the trouble anyhoo. The reason I had to go two days in a row was to get a blood test after a night of fasting. So you see, it really
    is a lot of trouble.

    Mikie, your salt lamp sounds intriguing. I looked up Himalayan salt on the net. Read it comes from a big mine in Pakistan about 200 miles from the Himalayas, but I think that's close enough when you consider how long it takes just to walk to the store and back.

    Don't wear yourself out with all that cleaning. Good luck in attracting a better class of
    criminals to the complex.

    Julie, never heard of Elf Yourself, but it sounds like great fun. Glad to hear Clinton and
    David are great dads. My dad never even spoke to us except to bark an order now and
    then. How do you "steam" your head? Hot water on the stove? Do you have a
    humidifier? Gordon has been digging through the storage room lately. Found a big
    plastic humidifier I hadn't seen for years. He said maybe his niece would want it.

    Diane, I saw the Lucy Christmas Show recently on Youtube. Not sure if it was colorized
    or actually filmed in color. However, most of the program is excerpts from 3 earlier
    shows. It was so strange to see our friends and the apartment in color after all these
    decades of B & W.

    Two Kevin and Dianes. Yikes! as Jack Benny often said. Ja, welch seltsamer zufall;
    zwei doppelganger!

    Hafta go lie down for awhile. Will finish this later.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies, woke with swollen lymph nodes and a stiff neck. As long as it isn't meningitis...

    Julie, I hope you are not getting sinusitis. People swear by netti pots but if you use one, be sure to use only purified water and not warm water from the tap. A man died of Legionaires' Disease from pathogens in the tap water. Nasacort works really well but is not for prolonged use. Humidifiers do work well and even here in humid FL, I use one because I often have the A/C on at night. Not now, though, it's cold down here. Well, cold for sissies like us :cool:

    Jam, you are always welcome here on the Porch. I understand what it is to have a treatment which seems to work miracles and want to spread the word. I wish more people would, or could, try the amino acid solution (peptide) injections but they are expensive and don't work as well for everyone as they have for me. I am beginning to think my maintenance dose of the ABX for my UTI's is at odds with the injections. I'll have to talk to my doc.

    Rock, I'm no snob but we've had some real stinkers in here. That's why we require a background check. We once had a child molester living in the same small cul-de-sac as a young child. Then, there were the fencers of stolen goods. We kept noticing tons of people going in and out at all times. We thought they must be dealing drugs. The cops told us to get license plate numbers from their visitors. Before we could do that, a really nice guy with bipolar, who lived downstairs, went off his meds. He chased the woman around with a fire extinguisher and discharged it in her condo. The cops came, the fire dept. came and, long story short, both were arrested and carted off. The fencers got evicted and, unfortunately, the nice guy with bipolar eventually killed himself. Remember when I was talking about wanting to die in an interesting way? This guy threw himself off a high rise hotel and landed on the wedding cake at an outdoor wedding reception. I've often wondered whether that marriage lasted. It certainly was off to a rough start. BTW, Dr. Mercola sells pink Himilayan salt to use as table salt. It contains an amazing number of trace minerals, including boron, necessary for good bones.

    In our bldg., I try to keep everything clean outside and the landscaping beautiful. I honestly think it makes a difference. When I lived right on the Denver/Aurora (yes, the same Aurora which had the movie theater shooting) border, the gangs had started moving in. The condo village next to ours was a haven for criminals. We decided we would not allow that to happen. After a couple of drug raids where the cops broke down the front doors and left black fingerprint powder all over the condos, the owners started being more careful about the people to whom they rented. We kept everything clean and orderly and criminals seemed to sense it wasn't the place for them. The place next to us was seedy and seemed welcoming to gang members and criminals. This area down here is considered "safe" but no place is completely safe. We have a lot of drug violence and burglaries related to drug use. Dog walkers have scared off some young guys who appeared to be up to no good at night. We have a neighborhood watch and will confront anyone who is suspicious; or, we call the sheriff's office.

    I forgot to get my BOGO on cranberry juice when I went to the store yesterday. Today is the last day so will go back. I had bought two of the Mega Lotto tickets but the winners were in CA and GA. What a nice Christmas present those guys got. If it warms up enough, and I have enough NRG, I will finish my painting job. If not, it will have to wait. I can stay inside and do laundry. I still haven't unpacked from my trip and am running out of undies. I was up til 2:00 this morning because I couldn't sleep. So, there may be a nap in my immediate future.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone,

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Back again. Tried to go back to sleep, but no workee. Dar, good to see you back. Sorry to
    hear you are feeling like a Darcicle. I'm so old I remember when a Popsicle cost a dime.
    Don't even know is they are still extant. Well, I guess they have similar stuff. Gordon brought home some sort of frozen orange bars last summer.

    Been almost half a century since I left the frozen tundra in Minnesota. Could never go back.
    When I think how we kids used to go out and frolic in the snow, I marvel that we survived.
    The best game for playing in the snow, BTW is Fox and Geese. And you need to start with
    a big patch of unmarked snow.

    To paraphrase an old song, I wish you shelter from the storm; a cozy nest to keep you
    warm. But most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you warmth.

    Granni, I only heard The Messiah live once. It was in 1960, Madison, WI. Wonderful
    performance. Reminds me, when I was a senior in High School Columbia Records
    recorded "The Messiah" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Today, over half a century
    later, the recording is still available. The soprano was Eileen Farrell, one of America's

    I saw her in a performance with the Met. Also saw her in a concert in St. Paul. In the middle
    of an aria by Verdi, she slapped her hand on the grand piano and said, "Damn! I forgot the
    words." The audience laughed, the accompanist whispered "Crude sventrua" to her, and
    she continued.

    Went backstage afterwards. She came rushing out of her dressing room; the faithful
    accompanist hurrying after her trying to zip up the back of her dress. You wanna
    work with a diva, you may have to do more than tickle the ivories.

    Jam, finished a bottle of grape seed extract a couple days ago. Reminds me I have to
    hunt in my cartons and find another bottle. Remember when Lucy was "extracting" with
    the grapes?

    Springwater, I'm glad you have your friends and kin and traditions to help. When I lived
    in a village, everybody turned out for a funeral. The Lutheran Church was the biggest
    church in town. It had a bell with a somber sound that tolled and could be heard all over
    town. Friends brought food to the home and there was a steady stream of visitors.

    Here in Los Angeles it's all different. The mother of a friend died shortly after she moved
    here. She had no friends in LA at all. There were 3 of us at the funeral plus the lady who
    sang her favorite song: Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Popsicles exist! Barb bought me some when she went in to get my pain pills at Publix after my surgery. I wasn't hungry but those cold popsicles were like heaven. It's hard to find ones not sugar free now.

    Forgot I had a steak on my inside grill and went down to look at a dripping backflow valve down the street. It was the best tasting shoe leather I've ever had (the steak, not the valve). I took the garbage down and got my mail. Bills weren't as bad as expected so that's always a plus. Got a note from SS touting my big 1.5 percent raise. Whoopie! Don't know where to spend it all. One and one-half percent? Really? If we want an economic stimulus in this country, I say give it to all the Seniors at the lower end of the SS scale. We'd spend it all just to survive.

    Am sooooo tired. Didn't get to sleep til 2:00 this morning and had to take a short nap. Still tired. BTW, our Balcony looks beautiful with our orange flowers with the new floral chair pads. I ended up spackling a couple of holes I missed before. Tomorrow, I'll finish with the second coat of paint. When it's dry, I'll caulk the crack where I think moisture might get in and rot the frame. Geez, this little project is turning into a career for me.

    I'm watching Kathy Griffin specials. She's just crazy and dirty enough to keep me entertained until I drift off to sleep. Nothin' good on tonight so will have to hope the new shows I missed last night are on On Demand tonight.

    Sending my love, hugs and prayers to all the Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Off to choir practice tonight after dinner. Tomorrow are two performances with our small group and then tomorrow night is the so called dress rehearsal. Our dress is the same but not as we would on Friday night's performance. It just means that we practice with the orchestra, instruments and soloists, etc. Hope we don't have to stay to long tonight - ugh !! Will be glad when it is over. Not sure if I will make the second performance which is at our directors old church that is quite far from here. Not sure I will make it. I surely won't be going by myself if I do sing.

    Rock - We are only doing part of the Messiah - The Hallelujah Chorus. Parts of that are a bit tricky.

    Mikie - Hope you feel better son.

    Julie - Glad you stayed home this morning to see Keira. Please try and take it easy and try not to do to much ( I know that is not an easy task for you).

    Glad to see you Diane and that was funny about the two Kevin's and Diane's in your area.

    Joan - where are you my dear.? I need to go check on FB to see if I can chat with you again. We all do miss you.

    SW - Thinking about you and the loss of your dear brother. Prayers up to you and all in the family.

    Love to awl inc. Dar, Dun, and everydobby else I missed,
    Granni :)
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies one and all!

    Yes Rock, There really is a Santa Clause and there really are still popcicles. My favorite are rootbeer. Hy-Vee carries them here. The other clouds are cumulonimbus. Those are the ones that progress from the cumulus sort, piling higher and bigger, then turn dark and ugly and become storms. I've always liked the cirrus clouds because they look like God's brush strokes in the sky. Most particularly when seen as the sun sets. Beautiful.

    I also remember when you could go to the A & W and get an ice cream cone for a dime, a loaf of bread at the store for a dime, and a candy bar for a nickel at the local gas station. Those were the days weren't they? I have a cousin, Becky, who has a dairy farm in Backus Minnesota. I could never live there either. Where she lives, it's not uncommon to get 40 degree below zero temps, not including wind chill. It's cold enough here in the midwest. Being near the Mississippi, we get "Lake effect" snow. Particularly when I lived in Rapids City where I lived only maybe 100 yards from the river. Not so much here in town. (Mind you, here in town for me is on the fringes of here in town). o_O

    When I was working as a PA for Illinois Department of Human Services, I had a client in Carbon Cliff who couldn't understand why I'd call and be unable to come into work some snowy days. She'd insist the snow wasn't that bad where she was. I, on the other hand, had snow drifted in my driveway that was as high as I am tall. Not that that's saying much, (I'm 5' 2" tall). LOL But there was a huge difference between my house and hers when the snow flew.

    The song lyrics you quoted were neat. I enjoyed your story about the opera diva. Is it Handel's Messiah you refer to? Would be a difficult piece to sing. If Granni can still sing that one, she must have a great set of pipes!

    With everyone talking about sinus problems I'm happy to report that, even in this refrigerated atmosphere here, I'm not. I do, however, load up on vitamin C, L-Lysine, and hit the honey twice a day, along with my regular supplements and homeopathics.

    I took a group of residents to Circa 21 Dinner Theater today to see "The Christmas Story", The Musical. You know, the one with "Ralphie" and his little brother with the snow suit who couldn't put his arms down? It was so funny and well done. The cast got a standing ovation.

    The last one I took them to was Menopause The Musical. That one was hysterical! I noticed that in the crowd the men were laughing as much, if not more, than the women were. I also noticed that for some of the guys, lightbulbs of recognition seemed to be going on. LOL. That one I'd pay to see again.

    I'm grieved regarding your doctor's diagnosis. You take good care of yourself please.

    To all my Porch friends, that goes for ya'll too. I'd stay and comment on more of your posts, but it's beddie bye time for Darcicle. Wishing you all a sweet night's sleep and a bright morning tomorrow.

    Love, Dar
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, too bad we can't hear you sing. I'm just so impressed at all the time and talent you contribute. Hope the folks appreciate it.

    Dar, clouds are defined by altitude, if my weather studies for becoming a pilot are still correct in my pea brain. Stratus clouds are the lowest and are the ones which look flat. Cumulous clouds are the billowy clouds which can build rapidly into storm clouds. The cirrus clouds are way high in the atmosphere and are actually ice crystals. They are the ones which often look like horses' manes or tails. If the sun hits them just right, you can see rainbows in them. There are all kinds of cloud names which incorporate two types of clouds. Some of my favorites are the alto fracto cumulus which are the puffy little clouds which seem to sail across the sky together. Another favorite, which is more rare, is the lenticular cloud which is shaped just like a lens or eyeball. It usually stays a long time in one place and is often seen near mountains and shores. One can look up clouds online and see the most beautiful pics of them. I love watching clouds. The ones here in FL look the same as the ones in CO, which was a surprise to me. Not all areas have the same types of clouds on a regular basis. DSIL, the pilot, was also surprised by this.

    Never did get much done yesterday except to fill a couple of holes in the door frame I had missed before. Today, I'll finish painting it. Problem arises because it's been so cold here in the mornings, too cold to paint. By afternoon, I've been beat. Am invited to two Christmas parties, one on Sat. and one on Sun. Don't want to go to either one. I've been feeling fragile and am worrying about noise and confusion. I may well turn into a hermit as I grow older. Or, do I like the word, recluse, better? Don't know. Love my neighbors but just don't like organized get togethers.

    Simon came for his breakfast this morning. Bless his little pea pickin' heart. Always glad to see him. Always glad to see our Porchies too. Hope everyone isn't too busy to post.

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