The Weather Is Killing Me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RENA0909, Aug 21, 2010.

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    I live in England and the weather here is rainy/humid/sunny/boiling hot/windy and I am absolutely wiped out with it!

    I have always tried to push myself but it is getting soooo hard now.Just lifting the kettle to fill it I need to use two hands and anything needing energy.....forget it!

    I collapsed 2 months ago with my back (been bad for 30 years) and was on the living room floor for almost a month.2 docs came to visit and gave me 3 different types of strong painkillers to knock me out mainly.I feel as though my back is going to collapse all the time it feels so fragile now which stresses me out.I was in wheelchair for a few weeks because of it.

    I feel as though I have to start giving up stuff now......I never thought I would.

    I am always sooooo hot and I try all kinds of things to stay cool but it is not working lately.I have an air-con unit/all the freezer stuff/cold flannels/even wet t-shirts!!!!

    Any help?I think I will sponteanously(sp) combust one day!


  2. hi all,
    rena,i can so relate to what you are saying as regards the weather giving you problems with your health.

    im also in the uk,and the weather is extreme and changable at the drop of a hat isnt it.

    i have 6 lumber discs in my back that are worn,and i do have to do gentle streatching..(cant spell).. excersises that i learned at a fibro pain management course a few years ago.

    if i dont do these,my spine wants to lean to the left and hunch over.also the muscles between my ribs seem to flare up during weather episodes,especially if theres its important to do the excersize in order to keep some mobility.

    i have a blister type thing on my nose (not cancer) and it swells up when the weather is also getting leg muscle its all connected isnt it.

    i do rest up between house chores,which is important,but dont rest too much,else you will become stiff.

    im sorry you are suffering, and i hope this flare wont last long,bless you.

    take care,love fran.
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    ...I'm in Texas, but we've been having 100+ degrees farenheit here for over 2 WEEKS (!!) and it's really wearing me down. The worst days are when there is no wind and lots of humididity hanging in the air...

    I just cannot tolerate it, cannot go out in it -- and I need for it to STOP!!!