The Whys of Why FM???

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    Over the last year it occurred to me that MAYBE had my thyroid been supported when the emotional trauma hit me in 1999 at age 61, would the FM have hit. I have read so much over the years how thyroid affects SO MUCH in our body systems....

    I started suspecting a sluggish thyroid in 1991 at age 53 or so and did not get on Armour until 2002 at about age 63....lots of years not getting help. So many docs just don't know and too many think we are just numbers....we have a list of symptoms and these are all thyroid related.....
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    Hi! I was wanting to find out how you are doing since you started taking the Armour. I talked my doctor into letting me try the Armour, just in case, that could be part of my problem, because, it seems so many of the symtoms are similar to Fibro. I guess, I am just still hoping that there is a pill I can take to fix this.
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    Hi cathytn6, what I can say for SURE, is that for 10 long years I had a debilitating depression, and all those years on a number of various anti depressants....once I finally got on Armour, no lab tests, etc. by my then D.O.. the longtime depression lifted...I have NOT taken an A/D drug since 2002.....

    Has Armour totally fixed me, not totally, but a big part of my body.....again, had I been on a thyroid med, would the FM had hit me as it did...a fight/flight/fright's all complicated as we are not simple beings... I deal with a longtime osteoarthritis and this condition FOR ME has gotten worse with the years....

    All the 10 yrs of no thyroid med, the labs were all in the "normal" mantra...whatever normal is..

    Do you have current thyroid labs that you could post here? jam
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    My Thyroid Labs were always just right inside the normal range. I had one dr. tell me, that I could still have Thyroid issues, even though my labs were still within normal. I had every clinical symtom of Hypotyhroid. I finally found a dr. that was willing to treat me with a trial run with the Armour. I am 53 and I also have had a history of depression, since about age 18. I have noticed a few, little, positive changes, since starting this med, but, it has taken about 3 months. I feel like I am kinda in the same situation. I think I probably was having Thyroid issues, before the Fibro hit me. Mine started with the feeling of something stuck in my throat, everytime, I swallowed. I do have several small nodules in my Thyroid, but, they claim, that I shouldn't be able to feel them when I swallow.
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    That'as what I'm saying, even within the range, we can often need support and DO NOT GET IT from the docs as they are unaware....there is low range, mid range, high range.....again finding a DOC to treat my symptoms and not by numbers is the IDEAL that can happen.....Mine were within range for the 10 long years of seeing a doc and doing the damn drugs for depression.....depression is one of the MAJOR 69some symptoms of sluggish thyroid....

    Back before labs even existed, a person would go to the doc with their LIST of symptoms and docs back then would give Armour gf who went to Gerson Clinic back 40 yrs ago said that just about everyone left Gerson with a large bottle of Armour.....Armour was a MAIN treatment at Gerson.....
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    You are exactly right, because, Doctors use to treat the Clinical Symtoms, instead of worrying about what the numbers said. The numbers lie. Just because, one person functions fine at this certain number, doesn't mean every person does. When I first started getting sicker, I was losing two lbs., about every two weeks and this was very unusual for me. I NEVER lose weight without working hard at exercising and watching what I eat, which is what I have done most of my life. I lost 20 lbs. and then stayed at that weight about a week and then started going up again. Every week, that I got on the scales, it was up two more pounds and I was not doing a thing different from when I was losing the weight! I had tried telling all the drs. this, but, half the time they look at you like you are just crazy. We all know our own bodies better than anyone else and know when something is not right or a Lot of somethings are not right.