The Wonder of Angels

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    The Wonder of Angels

    Angels coming out to play.....
    Angels touch our life each day.
    Though we may not know they are there,
    There are angels....everywhere!

    Angels can cause a heart to sing....
    Angels give our spirits wings!
    An angel's touch can bring God so near.
    An angel's smile....can dry a tear.
    Have you felt a tug on your heartstrings?
    Chances are twas caused by angel wings.

    They flutter softly in the light....
    Shimmering with edges of gold so bright....
    We mere mortals to earth are bound....
    Angels trod on holy ground.
    So next time you are feeling low....
    Remember....angels are there....where ever you may go!

  2. angelheart

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    Thank you for posting this poem! I am an Angel lover/beleiver and I was feeling down today and came here for some inspiration! When I saw this poem it lifted me up!! I have printed it and posted in my cubicle at work. Thank you so much!