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    I went to the doctor yesterday after much deliberation. I wasn't sure how to approach him about what's going on with me. I'd had enough though, with the a_ _ chewens from my employer, for goofing up. I had no explaination for what was happening and in fact I was dumb-founded by some of the things I missed without knowing I'd goofed up. The tiredness and aches and pains only add to the the bad situation.
    The doc wasn't sure about me having the DD. I had writen down all the things I have been experiencing for some time but his thoughts are "you're to young"( I'm 54) and it's a combination of poor sleep and heavy depression. I just don't think so. From what I have studied, I tend to think it's the big F.
    My wife must have found my printouts of info cause she (just as I thought she would) told me my problem is NOT Fibro. She says its the meds I take for heart problems, ostioarthritis, bad back, poor bed and my depression. If she would take the time, she could study the info and read the input on this board.
    But I'm glad she has an idea of what I think is going on and how I've been feeling. She may be more approachable as time goes on.
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    If you're too young what am I? I'm 54 and have had this for 30+ yrs. Didn't get diagnosed until 10 yrs ago.

    A few years ago when I had to switch doctors due to insurance I called and asked the receptionist if the doctor had any fibromyalgia patients. It helped me to get a doctor at least "in the know".

    I hope you can check around and that your wife will come to an understanding soon.

    Take care,
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    IF 54 is too young to have FM...then I must not have it either! LOL!! Im 25...symptoms started at 17 and I was dx'd at 20.

    There;s alot younger people so that comment from your doc is a crock!

    I say find a new doc! Maybe you do, or maybe you dont have fibro...but no age is too young!

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    Depression makes pain worse. A bad bed makes sleeping awful! A brain without good sleep is worthless and dangerous. Everything in the body shuts down if you are not getting good sleep and it also makes the pain and depression worse! Yikes!

    I am so sorry you are having to experience all of this. Fibro is a tough Dx and its even harder for others to accept. We are still facing doctors who are unexperienced and uneducated with this disease.It is really hard sometimes for a family member to understand.

    I haven't been aroound the board too much lately. We have not met, I believe. I am Jenni. I have Fibro, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, depression, and a whole laundry list that could go on...but I won't.

    For me, my ability to handle EVERYTHING got better once I started on Cymbalta and got the depression under control and the Lunesta for getting the sleep under control. I had no idea how bad I had been dealing with life. Now that I have improved, I see it a bit more. I know for me, the depression medication (specifically the Cymbalta for me) has improved all areas of my life. The pain is more managable when the brain is in control and my head is clear now that I sleep well.

    YOu are definatly not TOO YOUNG. I am 34 and I was DX with FM over 12 years ago from a well known local Rheumy. I know a girl I know who got her DX at age 12. TOO YOUNG... ??? Was this a Rheumy you saw or a Primary doc? I question his/her knowledge on this disease if they are saying you are too young.

    Regardless of what the cause still need more help. The medications you are on (?) don't sound like they are giving you what you need. I have learned that we MUST be our own advocates. When you know something is not right, you have to fight, if necessary, to get things on track. Ask on the board for help finding a doctor in your area. Go to the FM websites and find a local support group.

    TRUST YOURSELF....BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.... FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH... There is no reason you should continue to suffer.

    HUgs and health, Texas
  5. painintheeverywhere

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    Talk to your wife. Explain to her that you really need her to hear you when you think that you may have Fibromyalgia. Let her know how important she is to you and that you absolutely need her right now to believe in you and support you. Too many people that are close to us think they know more than the doctor's because this is an invisible disease. It's going to take some time and many specialist until you finally get enough information for a Rheumatologist to diagnose you if you do have FM. Don't let the people in your life fall away from you and don't avoid them because you think they don't understand. When you go to Specialist after Specialist and the tests (most of them) come back normal, let your loved ones know it is the norm for this disease. The hardest part for me has been losing people in my life, and I am starting to let them know that they were absolutely wrong for not believing in me. I have and always will be there for them in anyway I can and they need to be there for me NOW! I need them and love them. I didn't mean to make this about me, but hold your loved one's close and don't let them forget that this is tough and you need them more than ever NOW.

    Take Care, Prayers to you...

    Jane (39)
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    I don't think there is such a thing as an age that is "too young" to have FM.

    I'm 57 but have had FM since I was 35. There are kids with FM.

    I feel badly for you men who have this DD. It's got to be harder since most people think it's something just women get, and it's hard for alot of us women to get people to understand that it's a real and disabling illness.

    I hope you wife will start to understand, and you get a doctor that will be willing to try to help you.

  7. Marta608

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    Too young??? Teens have fibro!

    Of course it seems that each new doctor has to make the patient his own and not take anyone else's word for anything. I'm tempted to say that then they can have all new tests run and get the kickback from the lab but I won't go there because I don't want to think that way. If he continues to deny it and finds nothing else to treat, please trust your gut and move on - to a new doctor; keep the wife. Hopefully she'll soon begin to work with instead of against you.

    Grumpy this morning,
  8. EllenComstock

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    at your doctor saying you were too young to have fibromyalgia. I wasn't aware that you had to be old to have FMS! I wonder what he would have said if I had told him I started having the symptoms of FMS when I was 12 years old! (I am 47 now and was officially diagnosed several years ago). It sounds like you need a more knowledgeable doctor. I would go doctor shopping if I were you.

  9. mme_curie68

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    Well I must be "really young" then 'cause I got diagnosed by my rheumatologist this past February when I was 37. I got a little bit "older" when I turned 38 last month. Get thee to a new doctor!

    Madame Curie