The Work Never Ends!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 28, 2009.

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    OK, the new kitchen sink and countertops are beautiful but I can tell that sink is gonna be high maintenance. With our hard water, it has to be dried every time it gets wet. Oy! The plumber was here and it's all plumbed. The faucet set is gorgeous. Because the installers put in a 40/60 sink instead of a 60/40 sink, the plumber had to move the disposal over to the other side, the smaller shallower side. Actually, I bought a new disposal so all he had to do was work from scratch. It didn't take him long.

    The new disposal runs sooooo much more smoothly. He said the blades in it are stainless and much more powerful and won't corrode like the old one I had. I'm now glad that they put in the wrong sink because it's more natural for me to chop to the left of the sink on the cutting board. Now, I can just slide the garbage off the board and into the sink. Lowe's is giving me a $100 gift card because of the screwup. All's well that ends well.

    I was so inspired that I pan fried a talapia fillet in olive oil, lemon and butter with some Cajun spices. It was delish! I steamed some asparagus to go with it. It only took about 15 minutes to fix. By the time I cleaned up, including drying the sink and polishing the glass stovetop, it took 20 minutes. These newfangled things which are supposed to serve us become our masters and we their slaves. At least, I got maintenance-free quartz for the countertop. Despite the cleanup, I think I'll try to cook more often. I'm out of practice.

    Next week, I have Tues. and Wed. off. I think I'll try to tile the backsplash on Tues. and grout on Wed. I'm anxious to get it finished. Then, all I have to do is remove those long outdated mirrors in the diningroom. I have plans for new paintings for the guest/sitting room and for the diningroom. I need to keep up my painting too. I really enjoy it.

    OK, that's it from here. Hope y'all are well. One more whine: The epoxy fumes are about gone but I have stuffed up sinuses, a cough and chest pain. That stuff is deadly. Those poor buggers who have to work in it. I pray for them. Those guys who installed the countertop told me that it's really hard work and taking its toll on them. The older one wants to quit and work at Publix a couple of days a week! The younger one saw my inversion table and said he's getting one for his back, which is being ruined by carrying those heavy pieces of stone.

    Only a seasoned whiner, like me, could get new stuff and whine about it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie! I don't know if you remember me, but I am an oldie here on the boards. Anyway, I just love reading your posts - they just get better to me after all this time. You really are an inspiration to me! To jog your memory - I was one of the folks who started Guai when you did - you really inspired me then too! Unfortunately, I had some G.I. problems last December and had to have 1/3 of my colon removed. It is a very long story, but the end result is no one knows really what was wrong with me. They saw a tumor when they did a colonoscopy and I lost alot of weight very suddenly so I had surgery. When they operated the "mass" wasn't there but they were concerned it was hiding in the walls of my colon so they took it anyway. After extensive pathology they found "nada"! No one knows why I was so sick. I contribute my getting better to faith and prayer. But at that time I stopped taking all my supplements (including Guai) because I was so sick and we didn't know what was causing it. I haven't gone back on it and I am doing pretty well now. But I have totally changed my diet, etc. So who really knows. I was also going through a "major" life stressor at the time - another long story I won't bore anyone with. But all I know is that I am OK now. I have gained back the weight I lost plus a few extra and I have more energy. I did find out that my Vitamin D was very low so I take that now. And I had an ulcer (post surgery) so I am on medication for that.

    I didn't mean to go on. I just wanted you to know that I think you are a "true treasure" to these boards. And you need to know how you have touched people - at least you have me.

    Many Blessings to you Mikie and I look forward to continuing to "read" you on the boards!

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    I don't know either, but I think you've got it!

    How about sneezing in this direction?

    : }
  4. Mikie

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    OMG, Kelly, I had no idea what all you've been through. I'm so sorry but I'm so glad you have gotten better. I hope and pray you continue to heal. I do remember you and am so glad to see you here. Thank you so much for your kindness. It's nice for many of us to come to this board and just post about everyday things. You certainly touched my heart. I keep you in my prayers.

    Jim, I'm so glad I've been informed by medical professionals on how to sneeze and blow my nose :) Allergies are bad here. In the morning and evening, I do the multiple sneezing routine. It drives me nuts. I get the sneezies even when I take allergy meds. Oh well, maybe it will clear out some of the cobwebs in my head.

    Love, Mikie
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    You are invited to come to my house and start the repair work whenever you wish. There is so much you could do and I know you could have so much fun :) !!!

    The problem is where would you like to start? Gee you are the busy lady. You could start in the bathroom that needs wallpapering , painting and some changes in faucets, toilet paper holder, etc. etc. So, pick your place. There is also the kitchen but that isn't so bad unless you would like to tackle a new counter top. However, you should be good at that with all your practice sweetie.

    Just let me know and I will come and pick you up :) !!


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  6. Mikie

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    Thanks for the offer but my plan has been to get out of the project business. I know, I know! Despite my declarations, I keep doing more projects. There is lttle left to do, so I hope they will come to an end here soon. Even if my bod would hold up, my soul is in serious jeopardy with all the swearing which projects entail. In fact, I think I can feel the flames of hell licking at my feet as we speak :)

    I did get the backsplash tiled today after work. I'll grout it Tues. or Wed. It needs to set up. It looks pretty good. Last thing left to do in the kitchen.

    Hope you get your projects done, one way or another.

    Love, Mikie