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    I am presently reading a wonderful book called, "Trick of Treatment" by Edzard Ernst, MD and Simon Singh who is a medical writer.

    Ernst is a complimentary doctor who wants to see more accountability for alternative therapies.

    I thought the following is a good example of how correlation does not prove caustion. I have broken up the text into smaller paragraphs, to make it more readable. Otherwise, it is the same.

    "We can see why a correlation should not be confused with causation if we look at a neat example invented by Bobby Henderson, author of The Gospel Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    He spotted a very interesting correlation between the increase in global temperature over the last two centuries and the decline in the number of pirates.

    If correlation is synonymous with cause and effect, then he speculated that the decline in priates is causing global warming.

    Henderson then suggested that political leaders should encourage more pirates to take to the seas in an effort to combat global warming.

    This might seem ridiculous, but Henderson backd up his causal link between prirates and global warming with further evidence. For example, many people dress up as pirates for Halloween and the months following October 31 are generally colder than those that precede it."

    My sister who teaches psychology, took this example to her class. What a hoot!!
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    That was very cute! Yes, let's take to the seas our DD's and make them walk the plank.....Pirate Faire Guilds are in many very own pirate belongs to one...they are a fun bunch! If only they all looked like JOhnny Dep.....hmmmm,mmmmmmmmmmmm!
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    Oh my gosh, I did not know there is a "Talk Like A Pirate Day" and it is coming soon!

    What do I need to do to get ready? Is there some kind of book that will help you translate English into Piratese or is "argggg" and "me maties" enough to get by?

    Do you have any tips on where to get the proper attire. attire?

    Do we need to have a party? Will it be BYOB?

    If so I need advice for what kind of decorations to get.

    I am landlocked in Illinois. Will that make a difference?

    Should I get a flag to put on the ship? It could read, " Correlation Does Not Mean Causation." or "CDNMC"

    A ship. Where do I get a ship?

    Will I ever get to see Johnny Depp? Is he single?

    So many things to do with so little time.

    But most importantly, will this cure global warming? LOL!!!


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    OMG!! I thought you were joking. There really is a Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

    How funny. I guess I have some reading to do.


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