The World's Hardest Riddle.

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    The World's Hardest Riddle.

    It's Apparently Still a Riddle...

    There seem to be various contenders for what is considered the hardest riddle in the world. Here are some brain-twisting responses from WikiAnswers contributors:

    I turn polar bears white
    And I will make you cry.
    I make guys have to pee
    And girls comb their hair.
    I make celebrities look stupid
    And normal people look like celebrities.
    I turn pancakes brown
    And make your champagne bubble.
    If you squeeze me, I'll pop.
    If you look at me, you'll pop.

    Can you answer this riddle? - 97% of Harvard graduates couldn't answer this, but 84% of kindergarten students could (in less than 6 minutes).

    Answer: The answer is "pressure," although some people have argued that the answer is "time" because it refers to the following poem. The simple answer is either Yes or No, because that is what the question literally asks, and kids would give up sooner.

    The time has come,
    winter is here
    and those yellow bears disappear.

    The time has past
    as man looks back with a sigh
    and a tear in his eye.

    As time is held
    boys cross their legs
    but of course the toilet begs

    As time marches on
    Girls loose their blush
    and swap a comb for their brush

    As time passes
    For those held high
    their end is nigh

    As time catches up
    Everyone is equal
    when we get to the final sequel

    As time turns
    Without it we have flour and water
    With it we have breakfast for my daughter

    As time revolves
    into something so fine
    As time runs out
    The more in a minute you try and squeeze
    the less you can do with ease.

    As time ticks
    All the time that has past
    man cannot comprehend something so vast.

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