The worst ankle pain, not normal

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bugshale, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. bugshale

    bugshale New Member

    Hi, Does anyone ever feel like the ankle is broken? It hurts soooo very bad. It does not seem like just muscle. I am so tired of doctors and unnecessary tests. I have had it and just want to curl up in a ball and go away sometimes.
  2. Goodday

    Goodday New Member

    Hello bugs, Recently I had two series of x-rays for my left ankle. I twisted and sparained it, thought I even broke a couple of the little toes. The x-rays shows "some arthritis" which I didn't know I had from a former ankle sprain 10 years ago.
    Fibro affects muscles, tendons and ligaments. I have had fibro times twenty years, ugh. This ankle has taken 2 1/2 months to heal enough to walk on. Since arthrits can be there unaware, it can cause pain. I always thought I had "weak ankles" because I couldn't stay up on ice skates as a kid. Guess I had tendon and muscle and ligament problems even then. It sure can interfear with walking, snap, crackle, and pop!! If you really are worried, how about an x-ray or a bone scan of the ankle. You could have a hairline fracture.....a bone scan will show that. Goodday
  3. taylorat

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    Around 6 months ago my left ankle started hurting so bad.

    I could swear it was broken. Went to my doctor had X-rays done and nothing showed up . I guess it was my Arthritis. It kept hurting me so bad i went back and he sent me for a bone scan and nothing showed up but my ankle was killing me so he gave me a cortisone injection in my ankle but it has not done any good either. My right ankle hurts constantly to and where I work I am on my feet all the time I don't know how much longer I can take it.
  4. bugshale

    bugshale New Member

    When the ankle or feet hurt it is bad. You need to find another job, easier to say then do. I am sorry you are on your feet all day. Hang in there!Did you try orthotics?
  5. bugshale

    bugshale New Member

    I have done the xray bit and nothing ever shows up. I think I am crazy after a while.
  6. Goodday

    Goodday New Member

    Probably a silly question, everyone takes magnesium here, I think. It sounds like your bursa (the lubricant between the joints) is drying up. A very painful situation. I think there is a vitamin or supplement that can help that. does anyone know the name of it?
  7. Dolphin82

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    Hi its dolphin here ive not got anlke pain but have foot pain constantly,am on tramadol caps,not working am in costant agony feels like my foot is broken when i walk am going back to the docs monday as is doing my head in i must have a problem with my joints ect but doc says not artheritis,i feel if the pain dont go i do not wish to keep my foot?it is that bad i would rather not be in pain at all.

    Hope urs is not as bad as mine,even resting dosnt help at all.

    Let me no how u get on ok
  8. dmflynn8

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    My first symptom of FMS after cervical spinal fusion was ankle pain. I sometimes get lumps on the side of the ankle bones that feel like fluid, and then they suddenly go away. I have some arthritis showing on x-rays, but not enough to be causing this pain. My local FMS group has several women with chronic ankle pain. I wrap a heating pad around them at night, as it is so bad, I can't lie still. Also, I found a cream through my rheumatologist called Arthoflex MAX-TDS. It works within a few minutes, has no capzacin, and smells like lavender. I know the pain--hope this helps.
  9. bugshale

    bugshale New Member

    Wish me luck, I am going to the doc today for my ankle pain. It is worse and I simply can not walk on my right ankle. It feels like someone shoved a stick in it and it does not want to bend well.
    I will let you know what happens.
  10. rasyte

    rasyte New Member

    I have it too. My rheumy told me that it is not arthritis. I have L4-5 disk protrusion (5mm), but it is too small to cause this pain. I try heat treatments at home, but no luck yet. I am in pain at night and can fall asleep only if my foot is hanging from the bed. Same thing with right shoulder :( Anybody else? Any success here?
  11. mrcpvls

    mrcpvls New Member

    I get ankle pain too. My feet don't want to work automatically. I have to think in order to walk. I was really scared when this happened a couple of months ago and lasted for about six weeks. I had a bone scan of my feet and it only showed arthritis in my right too. Seems to me it is related to the fibro as my right leg has been extremely week too.
  12. shasha

    shasha New Member

    hi, I am new to the forum but not to fibromyalgia...going on 20 years. The med for rebuilding joints is glucosamine chondritan.. May not be spelled right.. one brand name is Osteo-bioflex ..
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