The Worst Part of CFS For Me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jasminetee, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. jasminetee

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    The worst part for me is all the flus I constantly catch. I have another one right now and I feel like I'm dying. I am taking my Osc and Blockade. :( I get scared when my body hurts this much and I feel very weak and like I'm going to pass out all the time.

    At least I slept well from 5am to 2 pm today.

  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I appreciate your responses. I'm feeling quite a bit stronger now although I haven't been able to sleep...but the stomach flu stuff is not coming on as frequently so hopefully the worst is past.

    I can totally relate to those comments Kathy and I am struggling with how to deal with people who don't get it. And Jeerie, I've read a few of your posts today and I can completely understand how you must be feeling. You've got a lot of challenges dealing with all this and your baby too. I hear you on everything hurting so much. That's what really freaked me out with this flu, I was in so much pain everywhere when it was at it's worse. It was frightening.

    I'm glad you got to go on vacation. I know it can be a tough adjustment to come back home afterwards though and have to get back into your routine and reality.

    I'm thankful that I have people like both of you in my life. You have no idea what it means to me that you both totally understand. This illness has to be one of the hardest things a person can deal with.

    Group hug :)

  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    It all bad, but the mental part and fatigue is the worst for me. (I think).

    Never knowing from one minute till the next how you are going to feel.

    Lack of understanding from family or more so not being there for my family. Heck, I couldn't understand this DD if I didn't live with it. ( I have CFS so they say)

    Its like I am not me at all, I don't even look like I once did, nor act, but we are SICK, and I sure can relate to the feeling you feel like you are dying.

    It all Sucks, I get the scared feeling also from being weak and going to pass out. I am getting till I don't like to drive or leave the house, only do when necessary.

    Wish I had something good to say, but I don't.

    God Bless,

  4. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    brain fog is the absolute worse. i am not even me.

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