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    I'm on and off DE for a few years thanks to our member, Mary, who put me on to it....

    In recent months I've been off but have a good supply still and thanks for another health group I'm on it was brought up yesterday, so I got on it again yesterday....

    Put 1 tsp food grade in my ACV drink and my goodness my knees weren't as still this morning.

    Granted I'm getting good results with Anatabloc too, but this was pretty I just took 1tsp in my MSM drink as I do every morning and will continue with it AGAIN. Work up slowing with 1tsp starting out.

    There is a support group on yahoo who discuss all it's merits so if intersted check it out. It works on KILLING the parasites in our bodies.....mainly and also includes minerals we need.

    So much to learn and trying to squeeze it all in....thanks to these wonderful internet health groups.

    PS: One should start with smaller teaspoon size dose and slowly work up to a higher dosage.

    DE has 2 main benefits. The deworming and it contains 28 trace minerals which most of us are missing from the foods we eat.

    Those who take DE daily do so mostly for the minerals.

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    Hi Jam - That's really good news! I read all sorts of good things about DE and tried it a few years ago, but, of course, it made me detox too much so I gave up.

    But - now that I seem to be detoxing not nearly as much as before, I think I can give it a try again. I still have a lot on hand. I forget all it is supposed to be good for, but I do have a problem knee and would love to help with that.

    Thanks for posting!

    Also, whoever, tries this, make sure you get food grade DE. There's another kind sold which is used in pools which is NOT safe to ingest.

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    Jam - what do you put in your MSM drink? Something else I may give a try -


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    MSM drink, I use 2 level tsps (one can start out lower) but this works for me...add 1/2 envelope EmergenC powder, there are many flavors, I like the berry ones and just bought a cherry one....add NOW 1 level tsp of DE add a couple squirts of aloe vera gel (my choice but others don't have to) add this all to glass 8 oz of "clean" water and down it...

    I do variations of this two more times per day....

    I know all this helps to calm PAIN for me.

    One can add DE to an ACV drink too...I do it all.

    And the Anatabloc is kicking in and I'm taking LESS advil now, I will continue this all. jam
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