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    When I was a reading teacher there was a method of teaching which if you did not adopt, you were considered unfashionable, ignorant etc.

    I did my own thing was chastised by the system but loved by chn. and parents when the results became evident.
    A little OT.yes but my point is that because a theory is becoming legtimised it is not necessarily right.

    It is scary to me how the Wellesly Psych Theories are penetrating right through the professionals..A journal article concludes so and so (I won't descibe this) and people assume it is gospel.
    If you have had any experience with Psych Research you will know how easy it is get the results you affecting the outcome etc..

    Tansy has been warning about this influence for some time but it upsets me when people on this board collude with this approach. The damage is huge. I have been very interested in this area from the time of diag in '93

    We all have to use our precious energy defending our pre infection normality and sanity.What does this do to our nervous and Immune Systems and how nicely does it fuel community prejudice and ignorance.

    I would like to ignore this it makes me ill but I can't because I have been around long enough to know the story.
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    It is alway's good to take everything with a grain of salt and really research for yourself as much as possible with any new idea or theory.

    I think there are a lot of componant's that make up our condition and many reason's for it. So there may be various way's of "treating" this.

    Each one of us has different amount's of pain/fatigue, some of us have similar background's some don't.

    Stress seem's to be a common thread in our lives.

    I don't know if there will be a simple answer to this.

    All info is good, at least it is being studied.

    We just need to use wisdom when choosing treatment's and doctor's, conventional or alternative.

    There will alway's be predator's out to get money from desperate people.

    I think the people on this board are some of the wisest and most knowledgable people out there. We have done a lot of research on our own and learned a lot from each other.

    If you have the money to spend and the treatment is harmless ( no one has died from too much vit C:)I say go for it.:)

    Who know's maybe the answer is simple.:)
    One can alway's hope.:)

    Best wishes,

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    I don't think there is a big push to support the Wellesly School here. I also participated on that post .... Thank you for the kind words by the way .... and I think it was more throwing out food for thought.

    There are so many members here today that did not benefit from all the wonderfully informative posts by Tansy. When I read her Wellesly School updates and the manditory in-house CBT and Graded Exercise program I just wanted to scream. In fear as well as in anger ....

    I don't feel that this is something gaining any kind of toe hold in support. Just something found and run across for discussion.

    I feel very strongly that the UK should make their hay while the sun is shining because far too much research from around the world is coming in daily showing what complete fools they are to buy into Wessesly's "I know what causes CFS/ME/FMS and it's all in their heads" self - promotion.

    I am all about keeping expenses down but when they took on the mantle of socialized healthcare, they took on the responsibilty of providing adequate and correct care. Wellesly has persuaded political power players that this will save them a great deal of money .... wasn't too tough of a sale I suspect.

    Unfortunately, he was and still is incorrect. Didn't much matter 10, 20 years ago ... mattering a great deal now as he is making a fool out of himself, his followers and the UK government.

    Insurance companies over here are not as eager to point to this psyc's "expert" opinion on CFS/FMS in order to turn down coverage. Just look at how many FFC patients have had out of network coverage for their treatment there. A far cry from Wessesly ....

    So, chin up dear. I know how frightening this whole line of thought (Wellesly, CFS/ME/FMS) is. I was scared for a while that it would creep around the world. Thank goodness for ongoing studies and research.

    The last thing powerful people want or can handle is being laughed at. Big motivator in adopting the current and correct understanding of these illnesses. Only a matter of time before all come on board. Not as fast as we would like, but it will get there.

    From time to time these articles will appear for conversation. Don't take them to heart but in the spirit they are intended .... converstaion.

    Sometimes the only intellectual interaction some of our members can share is through our message board. Sparking polite debate over an article / paper can be just what the doctor ordered. Don't distress yourself into being sick over this ... it's ok.

    I hope you feel better soon. We are all in the same boat ... sometimes differences appear ... but we are all the same CFS/FMS fighters. Hang onto that and not to Wellesly's stupid theories or points in support of them. His time is limited by every new piece of research that comes out.

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    Thankyou Elsa, I would like to hug you. I will just cry with relief instead.
    I am so relieved to hear your news of current UK thought but I am not sure the Perceptual/Psych approach is so on the wane here..Have stopped reading the research some time ago so I will take your word for it.
    I first got CFS on a boat going to England in 1975 and spent most of my big trip lolling about..I recovered after 2 years without a diagnosis and had 2 jobs, did cross country skiiing etc..but always had trouble with viruses. The U.K. was actually a great place to loll about..Such wonderful conversations..When it was cold I took a job in the Gordonstoun Prep School as a matron .
    There was a viral flu breakaout on the boat and 15 people died between Sydney and Southhampton.
    I was just talking to a horse person and they said that if a racehorse or trotter gets a virus it is a well known fact that they may never race again..Have you heard of this?
    Well lovely lady today i have blown up on this board and I have really brushed up against some inspirational humanity.Your words were so helpful but I rather out of synch with everybody.
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    Just posting back to see how you are doing. I hope you are feeling better ...........

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    Please do a search for kholmes Att:Slowdreamer. I don't think she is on the board anymore. See the search post it will give a little insite on the subject.

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    I hope she does fell better. I think she is wholly terrified of Wellesly and White and their forced CBT and graded exercise and that is the reason for her upset earlier.

    I am hopeful it's a break and not bailing ....

    Thanks again