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  1. niece

    niece New Member

    how many on here use one?
    I have read about them for years but hubby always gave me good messages that really helped...Now he has arthritis in his hands and it hurts him to give me a message SO what I'm wondering would this theracane be something that I could use to get relief from all theses aching pain, and how easy are they to use?

    Do any of you use a topical ointment that really works that is not HOT!!!
    Seems I remember somebody used magnesium oil I really need something that works...

  2. paulac7

    paulac7 Member

    Biofreeze--I've used it for years, and swear by it (and so does my chiropractor). It's not hot--smells kind of 'invigorating' for lack of a better word, but the smell doesn't last long at all. (but the relief does).

    Never used magnesium oil, so have no input to offer there.

  3. niece

    niece New Member

    biofreeze, was something I've used gallons of Bought it by the 1/2 gal jug....And it worked for me for a lot of years
    glad that it works for you....I had a tube and a roll on in my purse LOL biofreeze was my new scent LOL......
    BUT now I can't do the hot or cold (sighs) the cold makes me hurt more and my skin is so tender that the heat ones will burn me so I need something that has no heat or cold that works Do they make it I wonder.....Right now I use aspercream and hubby bought the aspercream that gets hot I can't use it either.....
  4. niece

    niece New Member

    so the theracane does help you??? I'm wanting to buy one of these.....

    Now your tropicals does any of the have menthol or camphor in them...Do they get hot the cold? I'm really going to have to find something that will relieve....
    jam does the mag oil sting last long?
    I've heard of tiger balm.....


    LEFTYGG Member

    i have1 and use it for shoulders and back places i cant reach.i also have a knobber. it saves my hands. i run it up and down legs on knots. painfull but works out knots. love gail
  6. niece

    niece New Member

    thanks......So you get your magnesium oil at swansons...
    I will look on pro health and see if they have the magnesium oil and theracane....I know that I'm going to have to get me a
    a theracane....
    I can't lay on my stomach either....never have been able to....

    We have tried emule oil before bought at a local drug store
    but haven't seen any in a long time. Will get hubby to look again.....
  7. niece

    niece New Member

    I have to be careful and not have a hard message or it is worst Like I go in a flare from it......Hubby uses his thumbs on my knots.
  8. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I have one and I love it, but it is definitely possible to overdo it and wind up in more pain than you started with.......if you get one, start very slowly and either don't use it on your neck at all, or be extra extra careful there

    as far as topical stuff most of the ones I use do get hot and/or cold.....I have used arnica and it helps some w/o changing temp or being irritating; however, I have read enough evidence that too much of it can cause harm that I don't use it often....I kind of rotate between the various things (sorry I don't have the stuff I read re arnica saved or I would refer you to it)

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