Therapedic Latex Mattress Owners Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msiris, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. msiris

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    Just wondering if anyone had any problems with the Therapedic Latex Euro Mattress like getting too hot when sleeping. Or body ruts? I have hard time sleeping because of pain in back and need to get ride of old mattress.
    Thanks to all for your help. Mike
  2. southstars_tat2s

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    I don't have one of them,altho I bought a $300.00 magnet mattress pad..oh boy..that was $$$$ down the toilet. I too have a hard time sleeping because of pain,sweating,etc....the only thing that helped me was to buy a waveless waterbed. I feel like I am literally on a cloud. My back does not hurt because of the bed anymore. (Of course once I get up...I have back pain still,but not from sleeping)Would be interesting to know if those latex beds really are what they claim to be though.
  3. seaview

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    When I married 19 years ago I gave up my waterbed. Big mistake! We have never found a bed that was good for me. I finally ended up sleeping on a coleman air matress and my husband a twin of his liking. I really liked the coleman mattress (with an egg crate on top)....Then, I realized that my mattress was loosing air and we needed a mattress. I asked last year on this site.Then I found a store selling the Tempurpedic...I really thought they were going to be incredible.....unfortunately after lying on it for 45 minutes I was in worse shape than when I layed down. So,I called a friend who owns a furniture store and who also had a bad back and asked what he slept on. He told me the New Englander and to come to his house and try it out so we wouldnt feel funny laying on one in the,,,,what a difference. That same week I got a call from friend that said they would like to give us 5oo.oo towards a new bed (she did not know I had been praying).I had not talked to her in some time so I knew this was a god thing.So, I went to my fried and told him what had happened and he confessed he had come into my room and saw the coleman mattress and twin and was not sure what size to get. He said he would through in the frame since He was going to but me a mattress as a surprize. He was able to get some discounts and it all worked out//////The bed is wonderful! I still wake up a bit stiff....but overall the bed is a dream.!I spend alot of time in it as I have to lay down 2 hours each day and then my nighttime sleeping. I am so very thankfull for this bed and My God who gave it to me..... This both has boosted the faith of the givers and of me(the receiver) because God used them and my prayers were answered. If you can find a store that sells them go try one......lay on it for awhile(do not be embarrassed.....this is a major purchase)....I was given the upper end mattrss as I wass told. I love this go and try and the ones you are interested in.....then make your choice.Good luck...I would stay in bed all day if I could.......Kathleen........