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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gettingwell, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. gettingwell

    gettingwell New Member

    I have been seeing a psychiatrist for the past three months because of the obvious psychological side effects that accompany CFS symptoms. I have been going once a week and was really hoping it could be a safe space to talk about what my life has become, the symptoms I experience, etc. This very "accomplished" dr. has no interest in talking about my experience with my illness and just wants to talk about my childhood! Ugh!

    Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night last night and said to myself: No More. I refuse to stay stuck in this and have to get out. I just looked online for psychologists in my area who specialize in chronic illness and made some phone calls. I am going to "break up" with this other dr. and see someone who is willing to help me and be supportive. I'm fed up.

    Just a vent.
  2. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I absolutely agree with you.

    I found a therapist who specializes treating people with Chronic Illnesses. She was wonderful.

    What I really liked about it is that I could comfortably vent, she had great ideas about how to work around this DD. She also hooked me up to some social services.

    While a therapist who starts with only your childhood, may give people insight and help others, it is not the most productive therapy from those of us who are suffering from thie DD.

    Good luck to you.


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  3. fivesue

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    Very good to have realized this as quickly as you did as you could have wasted lots of time and money and not gotten the help you really need.

    Hope this new therapist will accomodate you and your needs; after all, it's you who knows what you need right now. You are also the one paying the bill.

  4. quanked

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    A couple of years ago I sought the help of a therapist hoping to sort through so many issues brought on by CFS. I was trying to get past waiting to "bounce back" to my old self. I had been waiting for several years at this point. She was a "goal focused" therapist. She began by asking me to make of a list of things I wanted to be or do. I realized after of a couple of sessions that while she had worked with the chronically ill she did not seem to grasp what it was like to have CFS. The techniques she used were ones I had used (I was a therapist pre-CFS)with clients. They were techniques I had tried using with myself.

    I know that some CFS sufferes are not cursed with the mental fog. But I am. Pair the fog with constant exhaustion and physical pain and reaching a goal is not something I accomplish very often and the goals seem trivial to me compared to the old me. As I write this I am hoping that it comes out making sense to a reader.

    I needed to find some acceptance of CFS, grieve so many losses due to this disease and more. Today, I think I finally get it--I am not going "bounce back" to my old self. As for the grief I can only say that it is hard to surrender to it. I fear I may never make it back if I allow myself to experience the grief I carry. Of course, I have had therapy in my own life and I know that I will not die if I allow myself to feel all the pain I have however, had the help of a skilled therapist which was a blessing. I live in Hicksville, Oregon and good anything is hard to find and takes lots of energy as well as the ability to follow through. I have very little of either.

    Good luck GW--a good therapist can make a very real difference.
  5. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    The right therapist can be a great help.

    The wrong one can be a disaster.

    Good for you for spotting that this one wasn't right for you.

    I too have a great store of grief and sadness that I intend to someday seek a therapist to help with. Coping with strong emotions takes energy, though, and at present I need every ounce of energy to get through the average day. Maybe after my last kids have left home, I'll be able to lie still and weep for as long as it takes.

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