There has been amazing kindness

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by TwoCatDoctors, May 3, 2009.

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    When I go out in my electric scooter, I'm very independent and dragging a shopping cart behind me. And the end of this week being the first days of the month meant I was out and doing the beginning of the month errands.

    But I experienced an incredible burst of kindness coming out of everywhere. People were asking me if they could help me at every turn. I would thank them and say that actually I'm okay, but that it was really very nice and kind of them to ask and I really appreciated that. Again and again people kept asking and I've never experienced so many wonderful people wanting to help. People would see me going around corners in the store and want to help me get around the corners too. WOW, what a fantastic experience for anyone that was disabled and I can't wait to get to the local disabled group meeting this month to tell them. Too often in the disabled group we hear of people who don't hold doors or are just rude, and this was just a real gift I can share with others.
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    This is such a good thing you are sharing with us, thank you....its moments of things going right which uplift and reinforce our faith in the goodness of life and make us carry on...good moments which bring a lift to the heart and a spring to the step whenever we retrieve the memories of good things, good people, happening to us.

    God Bless