There has to be a better way of life, then stuffing you self full with drugs!

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    . I has to be better then all those danged to take now it makes me sick to spend that kind’a money on drugs.
    All these damn pills. I just started to take a sleep aid and it looks like I might have to take one on a regular basis. I’m already feed up of all the pills that I have to take every day for one thing or another. I’ve tell that a little pot would work out a whole lot easier then all those drugs that build up in your body. I think I could get rid of about 2/3 of them if they’d just let me smoke a little pot towards the end of the day. I’ve got some old hippie friends my age that live back in the hills of Northern New Mexico that still par take a of a little weed now and then and they don’t have any where near the trouble we are having. Their biggest problem is smoking and all of the related diseases.
    I have a hell of time getting to sleep and staying a sleep any more, I might get an hour, or an hour and a half of then I’d wake to move and find a different position. My work history is so messed up it would take way to long to go over, just take my word for it. I really having a heck of a time slipping of to sleep the least little thing will jerked me awake then, I’d have to start the hole process over again. The sneaking up on the that little sleep pillow, that little, what ever you want to call it, that little sleeping shelves for you. You know what I mean, that place where only you know, as the man says far, far, far a way or way, way away, our own little dream place. Trying to get to sleep and stay a sleep are two different things. That lack of deep sleep finally cost me my job and almost got me killed twice in a ten-day period. I tried all the over counter aids, before going to a doctor, and I mean all of them, I even went so far as to try some of the old wives tail remedies. The different types of sleepy time tea, there are also several different types of herps and what knots out there as well. Now I can’t say that I’ve tried them all because of a lack of funds limited my seachers to local remedies. Now a couple did make me a little drowse and made it easier to slip off to sleep, but wouldn’t help me get to that deep sleep, that sleep were you didn’t move all night. I tried the getting drunk and passing out phase sleep, that got to a another level sleep but not the kind you like, not the kind that made you sick the next morning feeling like you really wanted to just crawl under a rock.
    I’ve been taking this new medication for about the last 5 or 6 days, and let me tell you about the side effect,
    First couple nights was great, slept from 9:00 PM until 7:45, didn’t move didn’t even mess the bed up. Now taking all of the same med. and really out there working trying to help clean up this old place you know the old spit and shine mode. Made some very goods like the past two days and this has caused me some real problems, He is taking a so-called sleep aide because that has him falling down like he is drunk and really spaced out. The med he is taking is his taking is AMBIEN 10 MG TABLETS.

    Well I guess it a game of what’s going to work.

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    So- if I got this right, you are taking Ambien right now? You do understand that you are supposed to go to bed as soon as you take it, don't you? That may be the cause of 'falling down drunk' like you said.
    If the Ambien is still not helping after a few days, then, unfortuneately, you will have to get something else to try. Ask the Dr for sample or to prescribe just a weeks worth of pills the next time (am taking it for granted that you don't have health insurance)- explain that you can't afford to keep trying stuff. I hope you find the right med soon- a good night's sleep makes a world of difference!
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    Yeah.....there must be a better way.

    I prefer not taking the drugs because they have such heavy side effects.
    For me the sleep meds were heaven sent in the beginning....but rapidly began affecting my mental state causing depression, and disorientation over long term.
    This is why they are only reccomended for short term use.......if you have to use a sleep aid nightly many develop these problems.
    I use Valerian Root tea now,and pot and it helps....but no it does not have the knock out power of the drugs.
    I have finally just had to adjust my life to my body rather than keep trying to drug it back to how it functioned when it was "normal".
    I have found this philosophy to be of great help.
    We continually seek to return to "normal" and it breaks our hearts when we cannot.
    I suggest changing that base line of "normal" we use to judge ourselves to what is "normal" for us.
    It is now "normal" for my body to sleep at times other than prescribed by my former life, and by society.
    I also could not stay asleep for longer than an hour at a time.......and do not ever really sleep on those/most nights until around 5-6am....which is rough if I am in the mindset that I need to be up and functioning each morning to maintain "normalcy".
    If I allow myself to remain in bed until noon however...I do actually sleep a few good hours.
    I don't work anymore.
    I can make appt's for afternoon.
    So why should I agonize over time spent in bed...because some ideal in the back of my mind tells me I am "lazy" if I don't get up and get going by a certain time?

    Sometimes it seems I don't really sleep at all, and these are very rough stretches.
    Thought I was going insane for a long time.....until I found by trial, and error on my own that there was a reaction going on between two of my meds causing me to pump adrenaline....not a "usual" reaction that is in the little panphlet....don't know if it has ever happened to anyone else.....but it was happening to me....and while the docs were busy trying out drug, after drug to help me sleep....we were simply adding to the problem, and overlooking the fact that the problem was being exacerbated by meds they had already put me on!

    I really believe that once we can get by trying to go back to "normal", trying to drug our bodies into submission, and normalcy whatever that is that we can live with this illness a lot more peacefully.
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    Have you tried the ZMA sold here to help with sleep? I works synergistically with whatever you are taking to help with sleep and pain. Many here swear by it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Apparently there is a program if you qualify for free med. I couldn't consider this as it is also used to help with HIV/Aids and acts as an appetite stimulant. If your weight is not a factor, here is the info on free help.

    Help patients in financial need who meet program criteria to get MARINOL® for free
    If you do not have health insurance, we can help you find and apply for MARINOL® coverage through third-party public health plans. You will receive individual attention when you call the MARINOL® Patient Assistance Program.

    Call 1-800-256-8918

    Best wishes, LL