There IS a cure!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shut-in, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. shut-in

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    After nine years I am finally free from CFS. While doing a search I came across a website that promised to cure CFS or your money back. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. It is all natural with no fillers and no side effects. I took it for 60 days, the first few of which were quite uncomfortable simply because I was detoxing. Working with their customer service people, who are there for you all the way, I worked with different doses and timeframes until I became completely well again. I felt like a veil had been lifted, as if a light had been turned on. People began to comment on the change in my personality. I became a very positive and happy person again. Please, please trust me. I don't have any connection to this company whatsoever. I wish I did because once the word gets out Digestaqure will become a hugely successful and profitable company. The capsules are rather pricey. But when compared to all of the prescriptions and health aids we purchase it's a drop in the bucket. This is what I've been waiting for! I am trying to spread the good news at every opportunity. I hope above hope that you check their website, speak to customer service, and begin to heal yourself from this insidious disease.
  2. crickett

    crickett New Member

    shut-in Thank you for sharing good news to all of us!!!! Can u share with us some of the detox effects you had and how long it lasted???? And were u able to even function at all during this time!!! I noticed from there website that it said it helped people with digestion issues !!! Is this the same thing as the ambertose that manetech is promoting because they talk about the sugars that we need and the aloe vera ??? I do not care how many products i have to try if i think it will help me we all have tried so many things??? But when they put a money back guarentee if it does not work than at least i will get my money back. thanks for sharing
  3. amomwithsickkids

    amomwithsickkids New Member

    First, I think it's inappropriate for this company to announce a "cure" No one needs false hope.

    Second, the major ingredient in the product is aloe vera, and one does not have to spend this much money for such a product. It is readily available in health food stores for a much more reasonable price, and anyone that shops in a health food store most likely can get the same kind of customer service.

    Third, I do think aloe vera might be beneficial (esp for GI problems), and I do think that it's worth looking into. I also believe that our immune systems are primarily in the gut, and anything we can do to strengthen our gut/immune system is worth evaluating. In my line of thinking, this would include the use of probiotics and a diet overhaul. (I used to think the people who said the gut was an integral part of the immune system were off their rockers).

    Fourth, my impression is that the original poster (sorry, don't remember the name!) had the intention to help others here. He or she might have benefited from the product and wanted to inform the rest of us. Although posts proclaiming "cures" raises red flags, and justifiably so, we ought to keep our minds open to the possibility that the poster is relaying information that he or she believes could help others.
  4. u&iraok

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    A nurse told me once about a girl who she said had chronic fatigue syndrome from Epstein Barr virus. And that when they cured the EBV her CFS was cured. But I told her the girl probably had chronic fatigue from the EBV not chronic fatigue SYNDROME.

    So it's possible you were mis-diagnosed.
  5. MsE

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    I'm glad if whatever it is helps you. If it does contain a lot of sugar, I wonder if part of your problem had been hypoglycemia?

    However, I, too, am very suspicious of a company that claims a cure for CFS or any other medical problem. I would think it would have made headline news if it were not a scam.
  6. springwater

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    from personal experience that when the gut is not functioning properly, everything from my mood to energy levels to anxiety levels go through the roof. If this product aloe vera helps make the gut function better, maybe the higher level of well being is a side effect.

    I guess they put down all the ingredients of aloe vera in detail because people will ask what is this aloe vera?

    I have no personal experience with aloe vera. Maybe one of the things to try.

    Some things will work wonders for some people while the same thing will do squat for others. Its like antidepressants. Some owe their life and daily functioning to it. Some (like me) cannot tolerate the side effects.

    Im guessing this worked well for the OP. And he/she may want to help others feel better by spreading the word

    God Bless
  7. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I have used aloe vera many times for burns, etc.--topical needs--but never internally. In fact, I hadn't realized that the writer who began this thread was speaking of aloe vera. I guess I didn't read carefully enough. Thought it was something else entirely. I did see others had mentioned that it was actually aloe vera, but it didn't click with me. I have read articles that make some astounding claims about the curative powers of aloe vera.
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  8. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Excuse my ignorance, but what form is this type of aloe? Is it in a capsule to swallow? A tablet? A suppository? ????? What I have a is a tube of clear aloe vera for burns, etc. Fill me in on this, please.
  9. rocky76

    rocky76 Member

    sell Aloe in gallon jugs..

    And I agree that the colon is one of the most important organ
    in the body...

    Its your septic system for your whole body...

    If your septic system at your home is clogged then it
    needs repair...

    So if you clean out and keep cleaned out you Colon then
    your whole body works better...

    I have a VERY BAD colon and yes Aloe Vera is a very
    important part of keeping it working correctly...

    My problem is I gagged every time I tried to drink a spoonful ..

    But since someone suggested to put in in capsules I will start
    that today....

    So thanks for this great post...

    I agree 100%....
  10. hensue

    hensue New Member

    My Dad died of cancer and he lived for 7 years. Four without chemo and raidiation but guess what?

    Everyone was selling the Aloe it was a miracle cure!!!

    Now how many people do you know who have been cured of cancer by Aloe??

    Just my take

    Very touch subject it really ticks me off!

  11. kellyamos

    kellyamos New Member

    I find it very strange that Shut-in has not bothered to reply to ANY of the posts within this thread.... HHHMMMMMM Do you think this Shut-in person is for real?????
  12. Andrew111

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    I'm with you, jaminhealth. Sometimes it seems like a crime to get better.

    Look at treatments like guaifenesin, which at first glance offer no reason for them to help with fibro. But it does help some patients.

  13. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    Maybe is a lot of overblown claims. But that doesn't mean it didn't help shut-in, even if only in a palliative way.
  14. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    Problems is, if someone does come up with something helpful for them, the cure police immediately post a bunch of antagonistic messages. The initial poster drops out and the details are rarely available.

    There are ways to discuss controversial treatments that allow the details to come to light without placing the poster into such a polarized position.
  15. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    Actually, I don't think this is about critical thinking. It's about patient politics. It's about how we will look if someone in our community talks about a politically incorrect treatments. And the sad thing is, there are other ways to handle the politics that don't place the patient who posts into such a polarized position.
  16. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    Per your request, I reread your messages. Now reread mine. I was saying there are other ways to draw out these issues, without placing the poster into such a polarized position. But anyway, I'll just drop out of this discussion now. Just like the scores of other people stopped posting here.
  17. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I think the important things are these:

    1. Shut-in was helped by this product.

    2. Shut-in may or may not have had CFS.

    3. None of us know if we have the same ailment as the others on this board - there is no standardized test for CFS and there are symptoms all over the place. Someone here who thought they had CFS turned out to have sleep apnea. (I believe that post-exertional malaise is the hallmark of CFS but this is not universally accepted. I do know that not everyone on this board has PEM) Someone else’s IBS was helped by a colonoscopy (!) Go figure - although strangely enough I didn’t hear any demands for clinical trials or published studies confirming that colonoscopies can help with IBS. She got away with that one.

    4. Mainstream medicine does not have a cure for CFS.

    5. Many people with CFS have been sick for a very long time; they are sick to death of being sick; and they just don’t want to wait any longer for mainstream medicine with its clinical trials or lack thereof to help. It’s been too long and there are no signs of the cavalry coming. So, many of us go outside the box and try things that do not have the blessing of mainstream medicine, which have not gone through clinical trials, etc. Some of us have success or partial success with these remedies (like Shut-in); and some remedies don’t work at all (just like many drugs)

    6. But, when we post about these outside the box treatments, we are most often met with a barrage of demands from folks on this board for scientific evidence and clinical trials. Well, there just ain’t any for much of this. No one is going to pour millions of dollars into FDA-approved studies to find out if aloe can help heal the gut. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the way things work. But this does not mean that aloe can’t help heal the gut. It may or may not, and if someone benefits from an aloe supplement, then they need to be allowed to post that here, safely, without being attacked and without facing demands for scientific evidence.

    If this company was siphoning thousands of dollars from sick people, then okay, go ahead and yell. But it’s not. So if someone wants to gamble with $70, let them do it without this chorus of naysayers screaming scam.

    9. I know it is the company which is selling the product which is being attacked, not Shut-in, but it sure feels like you are the one being attacked when you are the one doing the posting. We’re not children. We know there’s no magical cure for CFS, but if something helps someone, we have a right to hear about it without being blasted. Yes, the company shouldn’t claim they have a cure for CFS, but again, Shut-in was helped. So we need to keep this board a safe place where anyone who has been helped by anything, whether pharmaceutical or herbs etc., can post.

    A few months ago someone posted that biotin helped him with energy. His head was almost taken off for that post. It was incredible. So I’m sure he’s no longer posting, to our detriment. This board used to be an open forum, but no more.

    10. Think about this: What if every time someone posted about an anti-depressant helping them, they were deluged with rants about how unethical some of those companies are - how they have been fined billions for promoting off-label uses, for tweaking test results, for failing to publish tests which show negative effects, for all the suicides and murders committed under the influence of SSRIs, for possibly facilitating the ban on production of l-tryptophan in the 1980's to boost sales of Prozac, etc., etc., etc. Well, pretty soon people might stop posting about SSRIs because it would be too hard to deal with all that.

    The bottom line is we have a right and a need to hear from everyone as to what is helping them. This board is the wrong place to demand clinical trials or other scientific evidence for treatments which help someone. This board is not a medical journal.

    For the most part we have been abandoned by mainstream medicine in dealing with these DD (read Osler’s Web). So quit yelling when people try things which are not sanctioned by mainstream medicine. (just try finding a doctor who even believes CFS is real, much less one who knows anything about it - it’s almost impossible)

    I think it’s the severity of the attacks which is most dismaying. It’s okay to say you don’t trust a website, but then give it a break, especially when someone was helped. Who are any of us to condemn anything that anyone here does which helps them? (even anti-depressants? :D)

  18. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Mary,

    Very well put Mary. I haven't read this entire thread, but from your reply, it seems clear that things have not changed much here at ProHealth. So I'll continue to stay away, as well as many others who could no longer tolerate the type of behavior you cite.

    It's good to see your thoughtful post. I always appreciated your input while I was here. I hope you're doing well.

    All the Best, Wayne
  19. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Things haven't changed much here so I don't post much. It takes too much energy. I'm almost always on the other side of the fence! Cort has a great board, but so much of it is so technical - almost too much information, it's hard for me to absorb. But it is a great resource.

    I hope you're doing well too. I am doing a little better actually then I was for quite awhile, but am waiting to see if I've really made improvement before posting about it. But am crossing my fingers ---

    Best wishes,

  20. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    Aloe also contains mannose--I know people have used ribose with some success, I don't know about mannose, but it's worth considering it. Here's what they say about it:

    "Mannose is a major player in tissue remodeling and intelligent interactions between cells. The inclusion of mannose in your Diet can accelerate the processes of cell to cell communication.

    Mannose is involved in many of the fundamental cell activities. Its deficiency can lead to physical problems, Mannose is absorbed eight times slower than Glucose and when ingested Mannose goes directly into the bloodstream from the upper gastrointestinal tract.

    Within an hour Mannose is widely distributed throughout the body tissues and fluids. It is directly utilized for glycoprotein synthesis, especially in components of the immune system."

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