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    being considered for the cause of fibermayalgia. The Head of the Board of Nuerology in US is Dr. Mileret, in NY has resesched the cause and cure of FM may the the back of the skull is to small causing a backup of spinal fluid, low blood pressure, most of the problems I read about FM people having. The treatment is enalarging the back of the skull with surgery, and putting in a durapatch. You can read about the disorder called Chairi I on the following web sites: other is
    Dr. Fletchas site has reports from Dr. Rosner a nuerosurgen. You man may e-mail this doctor and ask any questions. My surgery is on June 13,2001. Only specially trained nureo. can diagnosis this problem with special MRI and other tests. Any questions I try to anwser, I was diagnosed with this FM 6 years ago and continuing to become worse. I will let you all know how this turns out. I reserch for over a year seems the logically explaination.