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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by BleuSox, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. BleuSox

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    Why I am up at 3:22 AM is beyond me, and I have finally learned to take it in stride. There is a very sensitive spirit here, and I felt it the first itme I read posts from here. It is wonderful and special, as I believe God uses us in many ways.

    Most of the time I am up beat and walking in the joy of the Lord, but there are times when it is just so difficult to be there. Yet I have found that at my worst, I am closest with the Lord because I need Him so desperately.

    When I feel this way, I spend 5-10 minutes just thanking God for everything. I don't ask for anything just praise Him.
    What this does is make me less self absorbed and lifts my spirits.

    Oh, I thanked Him for the turning of the leaves, My new grand baby one week old. He is my oldest son's little Luke.
    They will raise him to serve just as they have the other four. I just think that is such a marvelous thing.

    We don't have money... but we are so rich. Although I had been sick, I thanked Him for not having to use ABX, as they take me down physically because I have to take them at high doses for 4 weeks.

    Yes, I feel like a grease spot on the pavement, but that is external! Sometimes my hands hurt so much it feels like someone stepped on them; yet I have determined that I will cook and make dinner no matter what. Sometimes I have to sit in a chair, but my husband knows that I am doing it for him. Call me crazy, but I find a way each day to go out of my way to be kind to someone.
    Here I am again writing a novel, and now I will just...


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    Last night, I was up and down most of the night in agony, (talk about it later~ as I am now.)Thank you so much for lifting my spirit~just a wonderful post to all of us! (are you EST?~in N.C. here and I saw the clock at 3:22, 3:25,4:00, well, you get the picture~and all of you on the board were on my mind!)~~~with hope and love,Sib
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    central time zone...

    If we fret about any circumstance, as in not sleeping... we stay awake longer. Stress makes the DD worse, so In all my years, I have learned to make a little lemonaid.

    Coming here and sharing is an outlet, and we all need the prayer.

    "For he is able to do abundantly above all that we ask or think." Ephesians/Philipians?

    We stop God's ability to bless if we do not have the faith to believe He can.

    Pride=0... One day I was having a difficult time and was putting the dishes away from the dishwasher. The pots and pans were on the very bottom that I needed to put away, so I sat on the floor and had to move things that my DH had put in the wrong place.

    By the time I was putting the plates away I was standing, but irritation had taken over and my mood was near black. Opening the cupboard door, I put the plates in their proper place and shut the door rather hard, which quickly came back and hit me in the head!

    How Duh is that?


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    way I feel. I feel closest to God when I am just thanking and praising him. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the blessings he has showered upon me knowing that I don't deserve anything. May God bless you.
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    I loved your post. One thing being sick does, I think is make us appreciate more what we do have and what we can still do.

    Take care,
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    When I`m up late at night~I pray and often receive the funniest ideas,things to do, & my D/H(who`s a nightowl~has the computer at night)and our Big Baby cat watch me outta the corner of their eye~maybe not realizing I`m just "makin lemonade"! Bleusox~you are an inspiration and you lift our spirits!~~~with hope and love,Sib oh~what were those ABX treatments you had to take? Praying for you and some pain relief~tell me more but please forgive me if I`m being nosy~with love,sib