There is no way we were in bad health for the gulf war

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    When we were activated they seperated us as if you had health issues previously. People with heartattacks and strokes for instance were told no going to war. If you had breathing problems you wouldnt go either. For myself I had nothing wrong with me up to that time.
    In fact I had barely ever had a cold even as a youngster.
    I never even had a broken bone. And I grew up in northern Iowa where the winters are very cold and snowy. When we left for our active duty station we had 8 inches of snow on the ground and was very cold. Plus a very long cold ride on military aircraft to Saudi. When we landed it was very very warm. When we had got home I was sick in bed for over a week. The worse part was I had a lot of small sores in my mouth which caused a lot of pain.
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    i belive you to i know a few that came back and were sick and have never completeley recovered,
    it is sad and something that should realy be thought about before we go to war agin,even if you were not shot you still were injured in a way that will be there forever,
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    We have watched several documentaries on the GWS and there are a lot of people sick with it. On top of that wives and husbands are showing effects as well as babies being born
    blind and with Spina Bifida. My husband served in Vietnam. They no longer make you prove you were in an
    area sprayed by Agent Orange because the whole country was sprayed. People
    there are still suffering the aftermath. They just added Diabetes 2 to the list of things it caused and my husband has that and several physical problems that fit. Our daughter is the first in our family to have Scolliosis, possibly related.
    Sons are showing up sterile and daughters with female cancers. I have
    severe FM that has defied every single form of therapy that helps at
    least SOME. I feel sad that there is
    still blind trust in so many people with all that's going on now. I'm afraid we have much to fear and dark
    days ahead. But then, that's probably
    "all in my head" too. I was a trusting naive person, was brought up
    protected and taught to trust and believe in our leaders. It's hard.
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    My nephew, who is 31 now, served during the Gulf War. Now he has Crohn's disease and a few months ago had thyroid cancer and had it removed. Is this all because of the Gulf War? We don't know, but are very suspcious.

    Marilyn :)