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    Are you tasting the "midnight hour"
    Cumber'd by a load of care,
    Fearing some dreadful outcome
    Too painful to even declare ~

    Some trouble intruding upon you,
    Turning your world upside down,
    Threatening to shatter your dreams;
    Plans thought solid and sound ~

    Faith shaken loose from its moorings,
    Hope anchored once with such care,
    Head swirling 'round with confusion;
    Tell me, dear one, ARE YOU THERE?

    Don't wait another moment.
    Run 'neath the Father's arm.
    Bathe in the Balm of His presence,
    Where there's no fear, or alarm ~

    THERE, where enemies are vanquish'd ~
    THERE, where victory is sure,
    His strength exchanged for weakness,
    THERE, with anointing so pure.

    Bask in the Sonlight of Jesus,
    Ever transforming you and me,
    THERE, where mercies unending
    Set every captive free.

    Taste joy for the spirit of heaviness.
    THERE, don the garment of praise.
    Wait 'pon the Lord's clear direction.
    THERE is our Ancient of Days!

    © 2003 by Mary Carter Mizrany